Wednesday, August 16, 2017


OMG!  I mean what else can you say about Belize.............

It's the most beautiful place I have ever seen.  We snorkeled, we swam in the wide open ocean with Sharks swarming us so close we touched them, we speared/ate lobster, we went fishing on a charter boat, we ate the best food I've ever had, we toured and climbed the Mayan ruins, we went to two private beaches, I mean we were there for 10 days and there is nothing we didn't do.  I am a very lucky person that is finally living life.

This is the view standing at the door of the house I stayed

This was our ride the day we speared lobster, fished and swam with the sharks.  We are parked eating the food we caught on a private beach just the 4 of us and the two boat guys that are cooking our food.

View from back door

First day standing at the end of the dock

Evening view from house

Another view from the house

This place is called private beach

Monkey just came down to the boat to get a snack from our hands

Climbing it was tough and it was hot as you know what

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