Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Simple fun turns bad

When I took these photos, I didn't think the blog entry associated with them would be anything but good fun and happy thoughts.  Logan and I have had our Florida trip scheduled for at least 6 months and had a house in Cape Coral.  I decided that since we were going to Florida we needed to go see Mr. Paul and his mom Mickey.  We drove to Mickey's Friday and hung out, went to Ron Johns, went to dinner and then Saturday we went to the beach before Logan and I headed back home. 

Mr. Paul and Logan were body surfing and Mr. Paul collided with a young boy.  We didn't think much about it, we finished our day at the beach and then went back to Mickey's to shower and pack.  Mr. Paul was complaining of a severe headache and his neck hurt he said it must have been from the collision. 

Sunday Mr. Paul called me and he said he had slept 18 hours, his neck hurt and his head still hurt.  Monday he called me at work crying saying he had a brain bleed and they were flying him to the hospital.  I was in full blown panic, I tried to call everyone I knew in Florida.  Eventually we reached the right people and everyone there headed to the hospital.

Mr. Paul ended up having surgery but is recovering so far with no complications.  Thank God he has Mickey to care for him and ensure he is provided for.  Please continue to pray for him. Like I have always said there is nothing in the world more important than family.

Only Logan climbs a tree while mini golfing

Getting ready to fly back home

Logan is always a kidder, wonder where he gets it??

Hey what is Mr. Paul looking at????

Father and son

Hey ya'll we are mini golfing

Mr. Paul, Logan and I
Mom you are so stupid

Duck lips and OMG MOM

Grinning from ear to ear

Ok lets do one serious one

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