Wednesday, June 14, 2017


I have always known I had some amazing friends. I left Oregon when I was 19 years old but I have kept in contact with so many people from there.  Facebook has made it even easier to keep in contact with so many people from far places.  Once the surprise family reunion was over, I started reaching out to many of my high school friends.  The evening before I left for Maryland a few of us went out for drinks.  It was so wonderful to see everyone, I can't wait till my next trip. 
Dave and I being silly just like when we were 16

My ride

I'm not scared....why should I be in a 4 passenger airplane????

Ben Carlson and I - haven't seen him in 30 years

Me, Tanya Morris, Nancy Crawford and Jamie Peterman

Me, Todd Powell, Jamie Peterman, Ben Carlson

Nancy my BFF since 1st grade

Tanya and I one morning for breakfast

Tanya, me and Nancy

Nancy, Brenda Williams, Jeff Wells, me, Sherry Wells

The gang

Men and Brenda

Jamie Peterman, me and Karri Zimmerman

Me and Nancy now in the same spot as the below picture when we were 16

No caption required

Julie and I - One of my oldest and dearest friends.  Love her

Nancy and I being friends

Dave and I

Nancy and her kids

Hey I love the girl(s)


Nancy and I when we were 16

Layne Good and I - love this guy

This picture makes my heart happy

30 years later

Tanya and I

My helicopter ride

Hi there people, this is cool

Do I look official???
Nancy and her kids and I

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