Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Family Reunion 2017

It's been 9 years since I went to Oregon to see my family.  Last time I went was when my mom died in 2009.  Since I was going to San Diego for a work conference, I decided I would go ahead and buy a ticket to Oregon and surprise my family. 

My brother in law Troy planned a family reunion and I just showed up and surprised them.  Everyone one of my siblings were there with exception to Johnny.  We had a great time, laughing, reminiscing.  It's crazy how bad I miss them. 
My sister and BFF Liz

My sister in law Chris

Liz, Jaimey, me, Linda and Ashley

My sister Linda

My nephew Jessy and his wife and son

My niece Sambo

My siblings in order of oldest to youngest starting left to right

Cousin Frankie and I

My niece's daughter Malia

My nephew Jake and his wife

Cousin Frankie and his wife

My sister Sue

Teaching them the correct way to eat an olive

My nephew Chris

My niece Jennifer

My brother's BFF growing up and now my good buddy Kevin

Cousin Frankie and I in San Diego

Me, my cousin Frankie in the white and his friend Chris

Patty, me and Becky

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