Thursday, May 11, 2017

National's vs O's - May 10, 2017

If you haven't figured it out yet - I love baseball and more specifically my Washington National's.  I walk to the stadium every day at lunch and think to myself how lucky I am to not only have my favorite sport within walking distance of my job but that I have the luxury to attend a lot of games.   My ex father in-law pitched for the Houston Astros, I played co-ed softball with Mr. Paul for years, and all three of my sons played.  Baseball is the All American sport and truly is my favorite sport to attend.  It's not just one thing, the environment, the beer, the peanuts, the energy and I don't know usually the company just makes baseball a super fun thing to do.  You laugh, cheer, drink, meet new people, and just forget about everything else for 9 innings.  Life can just be about baseball for a few hours of your day and for that time nothing else really matters.   

My friend Danny and I went last night for his birthday, we had of course amazing seats (patting myself on the back) and although the game started out very bad and the O's were basically crushing my Nat's in the bottom of the 9th the Nat's pulled through and with our rally hats in play, we pulled off the win.  It was amazing!  Another great day at the ball field.  My God it was so fun, I will never get tired of going to watch my team play.  Win or lose at the end of the day being at a game is a win in my book. 

Pre-game prep with my 2nd bottle of wine

Hats just make life better

view from my seats

The Man

Warm up Prayer - LOL

Can I touch him?? Or would that be inappropriate??
Seriously at some point I think I might need to grow up................

 Rally hat ready - we got this!!!  #PHOTOBOMBERSROCK 

 Tongues out for the sucky O's - why are they smiling with their tongues out?  Isn't that defeating the nasty taste?

Whose this girl??? 
 Oh my will my Nat's actually come back?
OK I suppose we can take a serious picture.  Obviously the game hasn't even started yet we're watching warm ups
Happy Birthday Buddy!!

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