Friday, May 26, 2017

Luke Bryan - Nisson Pavillian - May 12, 2017

My friends Misty and Ed Smith invited me to go to the Luke Bryan concert.  I love him, so I of course invited Jedi and although he doesn't like new country at all, he agreed to take one for the team and go with me.

We got a hotel near the concert so we could party and not have to drive.  Jedi dropped his phone right away at his arrival to the hotel so that put an immediate damper on the evening.  I promised we would get it fixed the next day.  Ed and Misty arrived and we all gathered in the truck and off we went.

We were late, stuck in horrible traffic but it was fine.  No one sits down during a concert so I laid my spyder jacket on the seat and danced the rest of the night away.  At one point I looked down to ensure my jacket was still there but I didn't see it.  I panicked, I love that jacket so I reached down to feel for it and my hand got suddenly wet.  Well....................the girl behind me threw up all over my seat and my jacket.  It was so gross.  Jedi went and got me a trash bag to put my jacket in until I could get it washed.  UGH!. 

As I stated Jedi isn't a big "new country" guy but he made the best of the evening and we had our usual great time. 
Sweet Jedi what's up with that fake smile?  

Ed, Jedi and I trying to escape the rain

Ed and I hiding from Misty LOL

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