Friday, May 26, 2017

Luke Bryan - Nisson Pavillian - May 12, 2017

My friends Misty and Ed Smith invited me to go to the Luke Bryan concert.  I love him, so I of course invited Jedi and although he doesn't like new country at all, he agreed to take one for the team and go with me.

We got a hotel near the concert so we could party and not have to drive.  Jedi dropped his phone right away at his arrival to the hotel so that put an immediate damper on the evening.  I promised we would get it fixed the next day.  Ed and Misty arrived and we all gathered in the truck and off we went.

We were late, stuck in horrible traffic but it was fine.  No one sits down during a concert so I laid my spyder jacket on the seat and danced the rest of the night away.  At one point I looked down to ensure my jacket was still there but I didn't see it.  I panicked, I love that jacket so I reached down to feel for it and my hand got suddenly wet.  Well....................the girl behind me threw up all over my seat and my jacket.  It was so gross.  Jedi went and got me a trash bag to put my jacket in until I could get it washed.  UGH!. 

As I stated Jedi isn't a big "new country" guy but he made the best of the evening and we had our usual great time. 
Sweet Jedi what's up with that fake smile?  

Ed, Jedi and I trying to escape the rain

Ed and I hiding from Misty LOL

Thursday, May 25, 2017

I'm so sorry........

I am a face-booker, anyone who know me knows that.  My entire family is in Oregon with exception to one brother in NC.  Other than my 3 sons and my grandson I have no blood family here.  In 2015 my life did a complete 380, my family was really worried about me, now they want to know I am ok, that I am happy, hence my constant posting. 

I have loved 3 men in my life.  One ended without explanation, the other two were and or are still addicted to drugs/alcohol.  Yesterday one of them went mental all over social media.  Calling me; my family; my deceased mother; his friends; and my children despicable things.  Why? There doesn’t have to be an explanation for an addict to do what they do, they just do.

I couldn’t see his post (we aren’t friends on Facebook) but his and my family notified me what he was saying, sending me screen shots of his unspeakable comments.  As a mother, a sister, a friend, and a person I had to defend, and do my best to reflect his drunken anger on me and off all the innocent people he was targeting for absolutely no reason. 

I’ve been dealing with him and his bad behavior for most of my adult life and so have my children. For those of you who have not dealt with an addict and their outright cruelty I’m so sorry you had to witness this.  For those of you from Gilchrist who had no idea who he has become, for that I am sorry too. 

Troy please tell your mom I am sorry and I send my love.  Donna please don’t take what he said personally, you know you are amazing, you have been the sweetest person since the day I met you in 11th grade.  You have always tried to do anything within your power to help others and you didn’t deserve how you were treated yesterday.  Tell your husband my hats off to him for defending you the way he did. 

For those of you, who took the time to reach out to me till well after midnight and apologize to me for his words, thank you.  To my sons who must be heartbroken by the words their father wrote, I am so sorry.   I wish I could make this better, I wish I could protect you from the harm that was and has been caused for most of your lives.  This is definitely not the way it’s supposed to be.

I have watched the lives of two men I loved destroyed because of drugs and or alcohol.  To those of you who are addicts of any kind, please find the strength within yourself to fight it, get help, and ask for help.  Find that place within regardless how small it is to help yourself, to protect your family, to protect the ones you love, to salvage what you can and be part of the lives you've created.  My kids matter, your kids matter, you matter, we all matter. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

2017 Ocean City Car show

Teri, Charlie, Uncle Mike, Carol, Brandon, Carly, Mason, Johnny, Kaye and I all went to Ocean City, Maryland for the annual car show.  I have never gone before and man who knew how much fun it could be.  Tons of people, thousands of cars, the beach, food, and good friends.  It was an amazing 5 days away with some amazing friends. 

Teri, Christine, Carley, Me, Carol, and Uncle Mike

Me, the BFF Teri

Fred Flinstone

The gang

2016 Vet - Chrome wrap

Me and my new buddy Mason - He loves his "aunt Trish"

Thursday, May 11, 2017

National's vs O's - May 10, 2017

If you haven't figured it out yet - I love baseball and more specifically my Washington National's.  I walk to the stadium every day at lunch and think to myself how lucky I am to not only have my favorite sport within walking distance of my job but that I have the luxury to attend a lot of games.   My ex father in-law pitched for the Houston Astros, I played co-ed softball with Mr. Paul for years, and all three of my sons played.  Baseball is the All American sport and truly is my favorite sport to attend.  It's not just one thing, the environment, the beer, the peanuts, the energy and I don't know usually the company just makes baseball a super fun thing to do.  You laugh, cheer, drink, meet new people, and just forget about everything else for 9 innings.  Life can just be about baseball for a few hours of your day and for that time nothing else really matters.   

My friend Danny and I went last night for his birthday, we had of course amazing seats (patting myself on the back) and although the game started out very bad and the O's were basically crushing my Nat's in the bottom of the 9th the Nat's pulled through and with our rally hats in play, we pulled off the win.  It was amazing!  Another great day at the ball field.  My God it was so fun, I will never get tired of going to watch my team play.  Win or lose at the end of the day being at a game is a win in my book. 

Pre-game prep with my 2nd bottle of wine

Hats just make life better

view from my seats

The Man

Warm up Prayer - LOL

Can I touch him?? Or would that be inappropriate??
Seriously at some point I think I might need to grow up................

 Rally hat ready - we got this!!!  #PHOTOBOMBERSROCK 

 Tongues out for the sucky O's - why are they smiling with their tongues out?  Isn't that defeating the nasty taste?

Whose this girl??? 
 Oh my will my Nat's actually come back?
OK I suppose we can take a serious picture.  Obviously the game hasn't even started yet we're watching warm ups
Happy Birthday Buddy!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I have been feeling extremely emotional lately.  Mother's Day is a few days away and it makes me think even more about missing my mom, my dad, and missing my family.  Last year was the first time Mother's Day wasn't sad for me, I was happy in love and spent the day with him and his amazing family.  Mother's day 2016

My family is having a reunion on June 3rd, 2017 and I find the thought of it makes me sob.  I think how much fun it will be, the memories of my family and all the laughter, jokes, rolling eyes, pictures, etc.  My parents had 8 children and we are the most amazing people.  We don't have family drama, we don't fight, we are all so different but the love we have for each other is indescribable.  When we see each other its like not a single day has passed, we pick right up where we left off.  Throughout my life I haven't really been around many families that have this quality. 

The last time I went home was in January 2009.  My mom was dying and I laid by her side for 3 weeks and watched the life leave her body.  Pushing myself forward after losing my beloved mom
The thought of going to Oregon where my life began and not having a Mother or a Father to hug is almost unbearable for me to imagine.  How do you go to a place where every memory is of these two people?  They loved me unconditionally, every decision they made was about us kids, they taught me how to ride a bike, how to drive, how to be the woman I am today, how to love, how to never judge, how to be the best parent I could and how that was my most important job.  How can I call a place home that has no parents? 

Than I think about the fun.  The 50 I had my brother Shawn bought me that I rode till that sucker was on it's last leg.  Every kid from school remembers me on that motorbike.  I would ride that sucker 3 towns away, I'd be gone for 12 hours a day.  Only my greatest of friends got to drive it.  I would scare the hell out of Julie on that thing, flying up and down the hills in my back yard.  She would get so mad at me but I just kept doing it.  How about family taco night?  All of us gathered around and tacos for days.  My dad was the best shell cooker ever.  He made them absolutely perfect.  So many memories, so many happy times, so much laughter. 

I am part of this huge magnificent, truly amazing family who would do anything for me.  I can't imagine my life without them, without knowing that they love me, knowing that all I would ever have to do is pick up the phone.  The next time I go home it will be hard but it will also be amazing.  I have to believe my mom and my dad are both in heaven looking down feeling prouder than ever at the family they  single handedly created and how amazing we are.......My family, My life, The Birch's, today, tomorrow, forever.  Us Birch's 
I pray when my time on earth is over, my kids, my family, my creation, will think of me and feel the way I do about my mom.  I hope they remember everything I tried to teach them, remember my smile, my obnoxiously loud laugh, my love of life and family but I hope more than anything that I am the best mom they could ever want and they are proud of me.  When it's all done, everything I have ever done, every decision I have ever made was for them, I just hope they know.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

My cup runith over...........

Love yourself first and the rest shall come
I use to think that my happiness was dependent on if the man I was with, if he was happy, I was happy.  I've spent my entire life doing anything and everything for my man.  Everyday was about what I could do for him, what did he want? what did he need?  How could I make him happier?  I have began to wonder if that "OLD" way of thinking was a turn off???  Possibly me changing from the independent person I was when they met me to this woman who was reliant on them to be happy was just not good. 
I mean I am a people pleaser.  It's what I do.  It doesn't bother me at all to do for others, I actually really enjoy it, but does it make me appear weak?  I try not to be mean, I can't hurt intentionally, I want to see someone smile and know in my heart that something I did is the reason for that smile.  If someone I love wants something I will do just about anything to provide it to them.  It's part of my make-up BUT now that I have been spending so much time self-reflecting and trying to self improve me, I have sort of changed how I want to be in any future relationships.
I have a love of life like no other, I am all about fun, I am flexible, I love the gym, I love my friends, I love my family.  In a perfect world any man I "should" be with would want to do these things with me.  Instead of making his life everything, a happy balance between our two lives is ideal. 
I spend hours at the gym every day, I am attending church regularly, spending time with my friends and family and I am having the time of my life.  The people that I have surrounded myself with have been there for me when I needed them, when I needed a push or a kind word or a simple hug.  I have spent 2 years trying to be the person I want to be, the person my friends/family are proud of, the person I am proud of. 

Yesterday a friend I used to play co-ed softball with and I haven't seen in probably 10+ years posted something remarkable on my facebook wall.  I had posted the below photo of my BFF Teri and I at a function Sunday and she commented "I haven't told you, but I'm so very proud of the woman you have become".  I wasn't sure if she was talking about me or my BFF so I asked her.  She responded with the below.  
BFF Teri and I

"Trish Birch here is what I see.... I see a woman who went through some tough times but, didn't let the world keep her down. I see a strong independent woman who doesn't rely on someone else to support her or make her happy. I see a woman who is healthy and happy. I see a woman who loves her family and enjoys life. I see a fighter....If my 7 daughters learned just 1 or 2 of the things I see in you, they would be successful women themselves."  I can literally never express how her words felt to me.  How they made me cry and feel so proud. I was and have become a person to be proud of and that made me extremely happy. 
I know I am doing life right, I know my sons love me and believe I truly hung the moon, I know that I am strong, I treat others with respect and kindness, I know I have so much to offer a man, and I know that one day a man "WORTHY" of me will come along.  Until then I will continue to be me and live my life to the fullest.  I am the best version of me I can be today, tomorrow is a new cup runith over.

Making memories with friends makes me happy