Friday, March 3, 2017

Sweetwater Tavern with the amazing Jedi

Robb text me and invited me to Sweetwater Tavern for dinner.  It's his favorite place and he has been saying he wanted to go.  Of course I went, I mean it wouldn't matter if it was McDonalds, it's Robb and I totally enjoy being around him.  I got there early and I was looking smoking.  My shirt looks like a normal plain tank top but the entire back is exposed, my jeans were torn and I was wearing high heels for the first time in 11 years since my car accident.  When he arrived my back was to the door so although he saw me he didn't think it was me because I never dress like that.  I explained to him that I work out everyday and as the pounds come off I will be wearing less and less clothing. LOL  When I said that he slid my plate away from me and said she is done.  LOL  As with anytime I am with Robb we had an amazing time at dinner.

What is it about this guy that I have always admired so much??  Lets start at the top, he is DELICIOUS of course; he is so darn handsome it's crazy; he is a super hard worker; he is a great dad; he is honest to the core; always tells me the truth regardless if it's hard to hear; he has the cutest expressions; his texts make me literally laugh out loud; he has great hair; he is supportive; OMG those lips; he's affectionate; and he has always had this way of making me feel like I am the only person in the room.  He's the amazing Jedi.  He does of course get grumpy, I can always tell by his texts if he is in a "mood" so I leave him alone and talk another day. 


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