Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Washington Capitals

Robb and I went to the Capital's game last night (January 23, 2017).  The Cap's played and won the Carolina Hurricanes.  It was so fun, he and I do always have so much fun together.  We met January 30, 2016 almost exactly a year ago.  I am so glad I met him, he has always been such a great guy, friend.   
                                                       Waiting for Robb to pick me up

                                     If she wasn't creeping on our pictures she wouldn't have to see that
                                                             Robb get your finger out of the way
                                          Not a great photo of me at all but Robb is deep in thought
                                                                  Another picture Trish, Really??
                                       Oh my............ Look at the guy behind us LOL
                                                                                   Rock on Robb

                                                 I mean you have to admit he is adorable

                                                  Weird picture but he is so darn cute

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