Friday, October 14, 2016

Washington National's vs LA Dodgers play off game #3

Sunday, October 9, 2016 I was driving home and a friend of mine, Robb called and said he had 2 tickets to the play off game that day (that was actually starting in 15 minutes) and how long would it take me to get to the stadium.  For starters he never calls me, he is always working, so the fact that he actually called me was surprising.  Additionally we haven't seen each other since March, we text but for the most part haven't really had much contact since I began dating Brian.  He has lots of friends/family in the area so for him to call me and invite me was pretty awesome.  I hesitated at first, I had a million reasons in my head why I shouldn't go, but in the end I agreed that it sounded amazing and I would meet him there. 

I drove as quickly as possible and met him at the gate.  He looked exactly as I remembered and let me tell you we had the absolute best seats.  He got a gold star for this one.  We had a couple beers, we shared a sandwich, and laughed and cheered.  The National's came out on top and ultimately it was a great day. 

These days when you can hang out with someone, be yourself 100% and have a great time too, it's a 5 star day. 

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