Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Jeepers Creepers................

I know I am amazing, I know that I am everything you are not but you know there is a solution to this.  Get up every single day and be the best version of YOU, don't do things you have to lie about, don't cheat, don't have secrets from people you say you love, be a friend, be loyal, listen, be humble, be kind, care about others, don't hurt people, love, laugh, live, put other's feelings above your own and pray a lot. One day you will surprise yourself at the peace you feel by being good.  You will realize that the ones you seek don't deserve you, they made their choices/decisions so........... move on.

You're so concerned with who I am, who I am dating, who I am not dating, what me and my date are doing and where we have been, that you really take the time to creep my blog??  It's called obsession and you really should use your energy on something more constructive.  This is my life, my day to day, get your own life - CREEPER.

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Sue Eder said...

I agree whoever you are just need to get a life!!!! That is my sister you are messing with so back off!