Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Decision is made

I spent the last 9 days at Brian's.  We had as usual an amazing time.  We went to dinner, we went out on the boat, he played Corn hole, we played corn hole, I went out to dinner with our friends while he played corn hole, I went and watched him play corn hole, we went to Kevin's football games, it was a great 9 days.  I didn't have to commute but 15 minutes to class each day so it was so nice to actually see how other people live without having to commute 1-3 hours a day everyday. 

I knew I loved that area but now I am 100% sure that I love it and I plan to move down there.  I am in the process now of updating my resume and will start working towards this plan sooner rather than later.  I told Brian I was moving down there.  My kids are nearly gone and I have decided I will move my life to that area. 

Brian and I talked about this a hundred times over the summer but even though things are different with him and I now, who knows where the future will lead either of us.  He is always going to be special to me, someone I love, someone I will always care about.  We have tons of mutual friends, his family and I are close and honestly there is no way I could ever rid myself of the amazing people I met this past 6 months, nor would I want to. 

Below are some pictures of the week that I took, but the best ones of course are for my eyes only. 

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