Thursday, June 23, 2016

Toby Keith Concert - Camping

Brian and I and 4 of his friends all decided to go camping at Solomon's Island at the Navy annex (  over the weekend.  The best part was we had front row tickets to the Toby Keith concert Friday night and the camp site was close enough that we could walk to the concert and back.

We hung out at the campsite for several hours prior to the concert and just spent some time with friends, drinking, eating and laughing.  Of course I brought my camera since I am a picture taking machine.  I snapped some here and some there.  Then we were off to see Toby.  Mind you this is Brian's world so of course between him and his friends they knew everyone.  Good thing I am not shy and can talk to anyone because they must have known everyone there.

One of the greatest parts was two wounded veterans they knew.  One of them was blown up in Afghanistan and had lost both legs and was in a wheel chair.  What a great guy, and of course I had to take a picture of us together.  My love of Veterans is uncanny and especially for those who have lost so much and yet give more. 

Friday was the beginning of another perfect weekend.   

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