Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rough day turned amazing

Regardless how happy and content with life I am, of course I still have a bad day or two.  Last week I was just not feeling like myself.  Overall it was a stressful week oh and by this time it was only Wednesday.  Brian and I were emailing back and forth and he had obviously caught on that I was off my game so he suggested I meet him at the dock and he would take me out on the boat for a while that evening.

Man what a perfect idea.  I met him there; he had the boat ready, a smile on his face and the cooler was full.  I got on the boat, took off my shoes, cracked open my first beer and let the wind take me away.  I love to stand up on the boat and just enjoy the fresh air while the music plays our favorite songs on Brian's iPod. 

We stopped at Brian's favorite beach, pulled the boat up on the sand and laid on the front of the boat with the sun beating down on our faces, listening to music, and talked about everything that was bothering me and just enjoyed the peacefulness of the evening and each other's company. 

The sun had moved so Brian took the boat out to the middle of the water and shut it off so we could be in the sun and just relax some more.  Even though Brian was cold and had put on a long sleeve shirt, I decided it was time to swim.  Problem was I had no suit.  Didn't stop me that just meant it was time to improvise.  I swam for a few minutes and got back in the boat and we headed home for the day. 

It sure is nice to have someone in your life that recognizes you’re having a bad day and does something so perfect.  What would I be doing right now without Brian?  Thank goodness I don't have to find out.  I love that man!

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