Thursday, June 23, 2016

Father's Day - 2016

I lost my father when I was 28, Lord knows I miss him every day, he was and will always be my  hero. I will never forget the love he and I shared.  How he loved me to wear the color yellow, how proud he was of me for following in his footsteps by joining the USAF, this man was amazing and I got to call him Dad.  Lord knows I was the lucky one.   

This year the plan was for Brian, Kevin, Craig, Gabe, Emma, Logan and I to take his dad's boat out then have dinner at his moms house.  I knew that Father's day was going to be a tough one, for Craig and Brian this would be their first Father's day without their hero and we were taking their dad's boat out. 

I was excited that I was allowed to share this special day with people I love.  People that have accepted me into their lives.  Scared to say the wrong thing, or maybe just not to say the right thing.  The day was amazing, we took the boat out, we laughed, we played corn hole, we swam, we jumped off the side of the boat all together, we cried and we remembered..........

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