Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Virginia Beach - Memorial Day 2016

Brian, Molly, Kevin, Logan and I went camping at Virginia Beach, VA for the weekend.  Man what a great time.  Our friends Alan and Anne came and camped right next to us.  We laid at the beach all day, went to the pool in the early evenings, rode the golf cart around, played corn hole, played pie face (LOL) and just laughed and laughed.  My new life is so wonderful, it seems like it's one perfect adventure after another.  I live for today but also am so excited about tomorrow. 

Brian, Kevin and I left on Thursday - here are some pictures of us leaving with the camper, excited about our long holiday weekend.

Logan and Molly

                                                                        Me and Logan
                                                                Me and Brian
                                                                Brian and I

                                                              Kevin, me and Brian
Logan is surfing on the beach, isn't he good???
  The flowers Brian had delivered to me at the camp site. 1st flowers!!!  He's amazing.
                                                     Sleeping really?  But your not spilling your beer??
                                                             Logan and Molly
                                                                         Brian and Allan
                                                              Logan playing corn hole with the Master (Brian)
                                                            Kevin and Logan
                                                             Logan and I
One of my favorite pictures of us. 

                                                                    Me and Brian
                                         Logan and Brian playing tag at the park - Typical boys
                                                               AWW the family dinner
                                                      Kevin, Molly and Brian

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