Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Perfect timing for happiness

Brian and I met and clicked right off the bat.  There were no awkward moments, or uncomfortable moments of silence. We talk about everything, we laugh, we cry, we discuss the past, the present, and the future, it's like we've known each other for years. 

It's so refreshing to have someone I can lean on, someone who contacts me because he wants to hear my voice, or just to say hi, someone who enjoys my company, or just the touch of my hand. 

Being with him is effortless and easy but so totally wonderful all at the same time.  Who knows what the future will bring, but right now we are happy, and we met at the perfect time in both of our lives.  Here are some pictures of our short but amazing adventure so far.

Life just got better....


Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Smile for no reason - WHAT?????????????

Yesterday I was helping a "friend" with yard work and normally that would be a less than fun job, but as the radio played, I noticed that I couldn't do anything but smile and laugh.  I was lost in my own thoughts and grinning from ear to ear, but why? 

Today it took me over 2 hours to drive into work today - due to a later than usual start, I was thinking about my life.  The past, the pain, and years of stress and now??  I got nothing.  I have no pain in my life, and I don't have any drama, I literally wake up in the morning and feel lucky.  Lucky to be alive, lucky to have the family and friends that I do, lucky to have met the new people in my life now, lucky to be healthy, to have made mostly solid decisions as an adult, lucky to have 3 great boys and a grandson, and although the future is no guarantee, I feel lucky that the possibility of my future and knowing how remarkable it will be, just makes me smile. 

I know I keep saying it, but I've never felt such peace and joy.  I feel like I am dancing in the rain, making up for lost time and experiencing new things and seeing them with a new set of eyes.  To be truly happy, literally makes my face light up and smile.  I like the new me, the one who is positive, who sees the good in people, the non-complainer, the girl who can laugh at herself but also for the first time in her life sees and owns her self worth.  Life is good!

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Summit Point Speedway - West Virginia

Saturday, a few of us from the Navy went to the Summit Point Speedway to watch our Captain race.  He started in 8th position and when the race ended in a black flag he ended in 2nd.  It was exciting and fun to see this side of him.
                                                 Chilling waiting for the race to start
                                                 Victory Lane and the Trophy girl

                                                         Me and the Captain

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Martinsville VA - April 2016

My brother, my hero, invited me to camp for four days at the NASCAR races, just he and I. It was the absolute best four days I've ever had. We drank an entire bottle of Fireball and lord the beer, we laughed and laughed and laughed.  These four days with him is something I will cherish forever.  I can't wait to go again to the Fall race and hopefully several others in the upcoming months.

Out of the hundreds of photos and videos I have here are a couple of my favorite ones.
                                                        My most favorite photo for sure of us

My redneck sign made from a Dominos Pizza lid - but it was a hit, everyone was asking to use it

 Using the wifi in my car to upload nonsense on facebook
 Me, Kyle Busch my favorite driver (NOT) and John - best brother a girl could have