Saturday, September 7, 2013

Remodeling the bathroom

My sister Sue came to visit me and since I moved into our new and let me say final house, we decided to take on a small project.  Since the half bathroom is relatively small and needed done I decided to begin there.

Day one I removed the medicine cabinet and realized I would have to hang drywall and at that point knew puddy was in order.  We worked on that bathroom for about 8 days.  We ripped down the wallpaper, removed the wall mirror and rehung it with liquid nails, created a frame out of chair rail and painted it, and hung that around the mirror, painted the light fixture, the vent, the toilet paper holder and towel rack, painted the walls, painted the base of the vanity and re-caulked the sink.  Then I bought new covers and new knobs for the vanity.  

Now the bathroom is my style and to me looks so much better.  One project down, many more to go.