Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Beginnings

What does a new beginning mean to you?  A new baby? New house? Newlywed? Move? New job?  All these things are great and definitely considered new.  For me a new beginning has a similar meaning.

Lets face it my life has been no picnic.  If it could go wrong, it has, if it could happen, it did.  The past few years have been no different.  Instead of listing the bad that has happened to me and my family, I will rather say, I've decided that I refuse to let the past define me but learn from it and restart.  There have been moments that it was a daily struggle to not bury my head in the sand but with the power of friends and family, I have been successful.  

We have moved for the final time.  We have a beautiful place that I will make my own.  One nail at a time, and with time, this will be my forever home.  I have never been more excited to work on a home, and see how it changes.  With time this will not only be my forever home, but it will be my dream home.  Home is truly where you hang your hat and my hat has been hung.  

I am excited about my fresh start, the fresh start for my family and the new beginnings we have forthcoming.  Out with the old, in with the new.  

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