Saturday, September 7, 2013

Remodeling the bathroom

My sister Sue came to visit me and since I moved into our new and let me say final house, we decided to take on a small project.  Since the half bathroom is relatively small and needed done I decided to begin there.

Day one I removed the medicine cabinet and realized I would have to hang drywall and at that point knew puddy was in order.  We worked on that bathroom for about 8 days.  We ripped down the wallpaper, removed the wall mirror and rehung it with liquid nails, created a frame out of chair rail and painted it, and hung that around the mirror, painted the light fixture, the vent, the toilet paper holder and towel rack, painted the walls, painted the base of the vanity and re-caulked the sink.  Then I bought new covers and new knobs for the vanity.  

Now the bathroom is my style and to me looks so much better.  One project down, many more to go.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

College Graduation

I did it!!!!!!!!!!!  May 16, 2013, I finally graduated and I am proud of myself.  I couldn't have been happier that my family was there to support me through this adventure.  The time away from home, the nights without a home cooked meal and the time I had to do homework.  My family stood by me, supported me and I couldn't be more blessed!

New Beginnings

What does a new beginning mean to you?  A new baby? New house? Newlywed? Move? New job?  All these things are great and definitely considered new.  For me a new beginning has a similar meaning.

Lets face it my life has been no picnic.  If it could go wrong, it has, if it could happen, it did.  The past few years have been no different.  Instead of listing the bad that has happened to me and my family, I will rather say, I've decided that I refuse to let the past define me but learn from it and restart.  There have been moments that it was a daily struggle to not bury my head in the sand but with the power of friends and family, I have been successful.  

We have moved for the final time.  We have a beautiful place that I will make my own.  One nail at a time, and with time, this will be my forever home.  I have never been more excited to work on a home, and see how it changes.  With time this will not only be my forever home, but it will be my dream home.  Home is truly where you hang your hat and my hat has been hung.  

I am excited about my fresh start, the fresh start for my family and the new beginnings we have forthcoming.  Out with the old, in with the new.  

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Update on us

I haven't written forever.  I doubt anyone is still even looking here to see what I have to say.  2012 was a horrible year for me and my family.  I won't even rehash it but if it could happen it did. 

So my job is going well, and I have finally completed all the required classes for my certification.  I graduated with my Associates Degree from the College of Southern Maryland.  I have been focusing on pulling my head out of the sand and trying to stay positive. 

Paul is struggling I think.  His contract ended yesterday so he is officially unemployed.  Hopefully that won't be for long.  He totalled our Jeep 2 days after Christmas so we have one car for our family and that as any of you know can be very inconvenient. 

Trae is working at a farm and seems to be enjoying it.  His back is healed and from what he tells me only bothers him once in awhile.  He isn't dating anyone currently but seems to be content with that as well. 

Coty is doing very well.  He and two of his friends started their own clothing line.  Mostly online but it's the beginning.  His website is  They created their own logo and are struggling kids trying to start their own line.  He graduated from high school in 2012 and seems to have been making better decisions.

Logan is good, school is good and as usual he is on the honor roll each semester of 7th grade.  He has a girlfriend off and on as most kids 13 years old.  He is totally into music and loves to sing.  He loves his friends and talks to them nonstop.

Sheeva had surgery for a torn ACL.  The Vet said it was hanging by a thread when he got in there but she is a trooper and today you'd never know she had such a serious surgery.  She is spoiled rotten and loves to cuddle anyone who will lay with her.  Her favorite thing in the world is called a bully stick but lord have mercy they stink. 

As a family we drove to Gatlinburg, Tennessee.  We met my sister Liz, her husband Ron and her son Jackie Poo, My brother Johnny, his wife Tammy and their son Jeremy and daughter Kinsey.  We stayed in this wonderful cabin.  We went zip lining and horse back riding.  It was so fun and so good to see my family and spend time with them. 

Things haven't been easy for my family but we have each other.  We stick together, we love each other and we pull together when things get tough and it makes things easier to get through.