Thursday, March 31, 2011

Fed up

I started this blog as a way to give me some therapeutic help when my mother died, but since then I have really tried to stay somewhat honest but upbeat. This week has not been one of my better weeks. I am pretty much pissed at everyone in my house with exception to one person whose identity shall remain anonymous till the end to keep your curiosity going.

Lets see, first Mr. Paul is in California this week he left Monday and although his absence was very much something I was looking forward too, when he left I missed him (day 1). Then the drama with him started and it was all to clearly as to why I was looking forward to my week break from him. Today is Thursday he returns in two days and it's like he's never left. The only difference between him being there and being here is we ride to and from work together.

I am taking a college class (Marine Biology) and I am not doing as well in it as I would like. Biology has never been my strength. Lets face it I failed it in high school for 3 years because I wouldn't dissect a frog.

I cleaned the house (which is fairly easy considering it's almost all the way packed) and the boys come through and it's like I did nothing.

I have been asking Coty for two weeks to clean his room. Let me explain he has clothes on his bed, on his floor, covering the entire room. In his dresser? Nothing! When and I do want to say when he does actually clean his room it consists of one of two things. One he takes all the clothes in his entire room and throws them into the dirty laundry or two he throws them into his armor (dresser) in one big swoosh and God help you if/when you open it. Apparently now he is almost 17 and he feels that he can be big and bad so when I say please clean your room I don't get the above 2 options, I get WHY DOES IT MATTER, IT'S MY ROOM THEIR ONLY CLOTHES! It's not a normal friendly tone either, it's this condescending, loud, shut the hell up tone that makes me want to gouge out his larynx out and throw it into the woods. So now that it's been 2 weeks and the room of clothes that isn't mine to worry about is still messy I've made a parental decision. If there is so much as a sock on that damn floor when I wake up tomorrow it's getting bagged up and taken to the Salvation Army.

Lets talk about Trae. He smokes and although he hasn't done it in front of me he sits in his truck by the mailbox and smokes while he sits in his truck. Well I guess because I am a rational thinker I never once thought he was throwing his butts out the window of the truck on the ground. Me as an ex smoker, I would never dream of doing that. I flicked off on a neighbor for throwing a butt in my yard, that's some ghetto shit period. Well today I went to the mailbox and there had to be 30 butts on the road. Now lets think about this, it's not the yard, it's not the driveway but its still the street in front of our house. Are you freaking kidding me??? I warned him today to pick up every one of them before it was dark or he would be paying me 25 cents per butt I picked up.

I told them (Trae and Coty) two weeks ago that the hallway bathroom was their responsibility. They were to decide amongst the two of them who would do it or how they would split it, but it was to be cleaned once a week by Friday. Now tomorrow is Friday and it's the second Friday since the conversation and it hasn't been cleaned yet. Seriously what do I have to do, this house is 3 floors, 3600 square ft, do I really have to clean a bathroom that I have never stepped into except to clean? Bull crap and I'm sick of it.

My job? Job is wonderful, boss is wonderful, commute is wonderful, love it, but the person who sits directly in front of me in her cube is a whisperer. You know the type. The person who thinks that they are so invaluable and so whatever that they speak so softly that you feel like ripping their tongue out when they talk. I'm looking at her, I see her mouth moving but all I hear is like this fricking annoying hissing sound that makes me want to gouge out my own eyes. It's like being in a real live Charlie Brown comic. BLAH BLAH BLAH you know the teacher is speaking but what the hell is she saying. If that wasn't bad enough all day you hear this hissing sound like a whistle non stop all day 9 hours.

We are supposed to be building a house, and the loan paperwork is taking forever. Understandable the world is crazy, banks are leery but everyday that goes by is another day my builder can't start and we aren't making progress. Our lease ends June 30 and as of today we have no where to live and even if the house were started today it wouldn't be done till August so basically I have no idea where my family is going to live. In regards to that the boys (Trae and Coty) are going to visit their dad in Oregon. The dates are June 25 - July 5. Perfect, now I don't have my kids to help move but I won't have their friends either. With my back being the way it is, hmmm one wonders what the heck are we going to do now???? Good Luck Mr. Paul!

I really don't think I have much more to complain about so if you haven't figured it out already, Logan is the one and only person that isn't annoying me. He makes my bed everyday, he cleans up what the other two mess up, he helps me, he will do anything I ask. Shout out to Logan for remaining off my shit list when just about everyone else is on it.

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