Sunday, November 14, 2010

Washingtons National Harbor

Yesterday Mr. Paul said he thought it would be fun to walk around the National Harbor. So we loaded up the car and drove down. We were surprised how many people had that same thought. After parking the car we started out our journey.

We saw the "Awakening" (pictured below). Its this huge sculpture of a man in the sand waking up in the morning. It was located in another place in DC but when they built the harbor they actually moved the sculpture.

We walked in and looked at all the various shops. There was definitely shops that were out of our league. One of my favorite shops was the Artcraft store. The artist Sticks is incredible and it's so cool but out of my league for sure. 3200.00 for a mirror is crazy talk to me but man was it really super cool. I loved the perpetual calendars but at almost 2000.00 for wall decor is well not in my budget.

The Peeps and company store was definitely cool. They sale hot tamales but in various hot levels. We bought the fire ones but they had blazen too. Can you imagine blazen hot tamales?

Overall it was a great day of walking and enjoying the peace of being outside and just relaxing.

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