Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Am I thankful?

Today I arrived at work and as I walked by a gentlemen I work with he said to me “Be thankful”. I sighed in just utter disgust. Thanksgiving is really the beginning of the holiday season, the day to give thanks, the day on facebook every single stinking post is about giving thanks. So annoying am I the only one on the planet who feels grumpy this year?

Don’t get me wrong I am thankful for many random things both big and small. I am thankful for my family, I am thankful for my health, I could literally go on and on regarding things I am thankful for but in reality when I think of thanksgiving I think of an entire day of cooking, an entire day of trying to make sure that all the food is hot at the same time, all the dishes that will need to be washed, football on the TV, and no family to share it with us.

I’ve been noticing lately that my mood is pretty much in the gutter. It appears that everyone around me is suffering the wrath of my anger but I don’t want to talk to anyone, I don’t even really want to text (which you know is bad), I definitely don’t want anyone to visit, I just want to be left alone and thanksgiving is not the time of year where anyone wants to leave anyone else alone. Everyone is cheerful and happy and huggy, even strangers are nice this time of year and then there is me. I want to scream at the top of the tallest mountain, get up off me already!
Anyway I hope this “mood” passes by Christmas but I guess we will have to wait and see. In the meantime I guess I will be the Grinch that stole Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Jimmy Johnson #48 - NASCAR

My brother Johnnie and his family moved to NC and we went to visit him. Johnnie's son Jeremy races and therefore we met Ron Hornaday, #33- 4 time Craftsman Truck Series champion. My brother and Ron had become friends and so Johnnie introduced us. When we went to watch Jeremy race we met Chad Little who gave me and Mr. Paul garage passes for Martinsville, VA. That's how the horror began.
Our first NASCAR race. Who would have known that would be the start to a life we can't get enough of. That day was not only my first actual race but literally my first experience with NASCAR. I had heard of a few of the "veterans" names like Earnhardt, Earnhardt Jr., Jeff Gordan, Tony Stewart, etc but I was literally of the attitude that I would pretty much rather watch paint dry then watch a bunch of cars go in a circle. B-O-R-E-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had been known to watch a wreck or two on the recaps.
But what happened next was a miracle. They were introducing the drivers so as they did the drivers would come on a golf cart to a roped off area I happened to be standing in. The only thing I had to get autographs on was my Pit Pass so I ripped it off and hoped for the best. Of course since I didn't know who the drivers were or what they looked like, I just looked for a cart with a guy in a driving suit on and hoped for the best. Well I was walking backwards while whatever driver was signing and then I would turn and run back to get the next autograph. When suddenly I turned suddenly and wham! I ran into some guy in a drivers suit who grabbed my sides to steady us both and keep us from slamming onto the pavement. I didn't know who he was or what his name was but the one thing I could tell you was he was HOT! (Did I mention his wife is beautiful - she was there too)

As we got our balance we both smiled and I apologized as he said it was fine. I went to get another autograph and asked one of the other spectators who is that man over there and pointed. They said that is Jimmy Johnson #48 . I remember saying "Well that is my driver".

Jimmy won that race and the next 4 so I told Mr. Paul that I was good luck. See Jimmy touched me and won 5 in a row. LOL Anyway, many people tease me that I joined the bandwagon since Jimmy is well he is the best and has been for 4 years. As you can see by my story that is not the case, my choice was made by looks alone and no knowledge at all, but clearly it was a good one.

Now we have one race to go and Jimmy is 15 points behind the points leader, Denny Hamlin, #11. Homestead Motor Speedway, in Miami FL is a race that for the past 4 years Jimmy has not had to worry about. He went into this race already untouchable. This year that is not the case, he is 15 down and he needs to be ahead of Denny to win his 5Th consecutive Championship. Can he do it? We will know on Sunday. What do I say? Lowe's, lets build something together.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Washingtons National Harbor

Yesterday Mr. Paul said he thought it would be fun to walk around the National Harbor. So we loaded up the car and drove down. We were surprised how many people had that same thought. After parking the car we started out our journey.

We saw the "Awakening" (pictured below). Its this huge sculpture of a man in the sand waking up in the morning. It was located in another place in DC but when they built the harbor they actually moved the sculpture.

We walked in and looked at all the various shops. There was definitely shops that were out of our league. One of my favorite shops was the Artcraft store. The artist Sticks is incredible and it's so cool but out of my league for sure. 3200.00 for a mirror is crazy talk to me but man was it really super cool. I loved the perpetual calendars but at almost 2000.00 for wall decor is well not in my budget.

The Peeps and company store was definitely cool. They sale hot tamales but in various hot levels. We bought the fire ones but they had blazen too. Can you imagine blazen hot tamales?

Overall it was a great day of walking and enjoying the peace of being outside and just relaxing.