Sunday, June 20, 2010

Fathers Day - Henry Lee Roy Birch

I could talk for days about my father. I could tell you everything about him, how he dressed, how he smiled, how he felt, how he loved me and the best thing how he smelt. My father worked in a mill and he always smelled of trees, like a wood type smell that is indescribable. It was amazing. I have so many millions of memories of him and although he has been gone for so many years, I have never stopped thinking or loving him. I had the best father ever and I wouldn't change anything about him. I love and miss you ~ RIP: Henry Lee Roy Birch

Friday, June 4, 2010


Last week Trae and I were sitting outside discussing how time fly's. I told him I remembered everything. I remember how he would lay on my chest as a baby for hours and the second I ever so carefully went to lay him down alone he would wake up wide eyed and smile. Or how he would watch "Beauty and the Beast" over and over everyday until bedtime. I remember him having the chicken pox at 6 months old and how pitiful he looked but so darn cute. Or the day I was getting ready in the bathroom and he stood on the toilet watching me with his big brown eyes. The phone rang so I left to get it and when I came back he had flushed 4 rings of mine down the toilet to be forever gone. One of which was my wedding set.

Now although those days were so very many years ago, I remember them like they were yesterday. Now it's June 7, 2010, my baby boy is 18 and it's his big day. It was the day of his first of many accomplishments. High school graduation, the day a child longs for everyday for 12 years and the day the will never forget.

It didn't hit me he was actually graduating until about 10 minutes into the ceremony. 489 kids in cap and gowns smiling from ear to ear. I found myself drifting back 20+ years to my own graduation. I did it, was the first thought as I awoke that day. Family and friends visiting to witness this miraculous (for me it was) day with me. My parents how pleased they had to have been knowing I was the last of 8 kids in which they would have to raise. I bet their first thought that morning when they awoke was also "I did it", 8 kids and I'm finally done. I remembered 3 hours after graduation my dad was taking me back to the school to get on the bus with my fellow graduates to head to Disneyland for our Senior trip. (There was a whopping 36 kids in my class). As he backed up he ran into my best friends husbands truck that had literally only been out of the body shop for a few hours.

As I sat there reminiscing about my special day, I found that I began to cry. Wondering what my beloved Trae would do next. College, marriage, military, what? What event would I be witnessing next? What would he do with his life?

Trae as I have said is a man of few words but this night he didn't have to speak. You could read the expression on his face. The night was perfect, and now the rest of his life is ahead of him, and I can't wait to see what he does with it.

Paul and I couldn't be prouder parents of this baby who has grown up to be quiet the man!
Rob and Chris Willis

Trae and Tim

The Proud Family!

The Grad and the Proud Parents

The Proudest mom ever with her Grad!

I think Paul is very PROUD, he's cheesen!

Erin Pronobis and my men


The class (at least the ones I could get in the picture)

Trae after receiving his diploma

Coming down at the beginning