Monday, May 17, 2010

Dover International Speedway

Ron's Truck after the race getting ready to be put in the hauler
Mr. Paul and Ron after the race.
Me and Ron after the race
Mr. Paul and I went to the Dover International Speedway (Home of the Monster Mile) for the Craftsman Truck Series NASCAR race, May 14, 2010. It was a total blast. As with any trip we got a late start but didn't realize Dover was so close, less than 2 hours. We arrived about 10:00 am and got our Pit passes for the race that Ron Hornaday made arrangements for us to pick up.

My brother Johnny is good friends with Ron and he said any race we wanted to attend just to let him know in advance and he would ensure we had tickets in the pits. Being in the pits is super cool not only do you get to see Ron prior and after the race but you can walk through all the drivers hauler areas and see them, get autographs, look at their vehicles, and walk along the pits before the race and see the practices and qualifying of not only the truck race but the Nationwide and Cup series cars and drivers.

During the race you are within 10 feet of the pit and can watch the pit crew go to work. The racetrack is so close that you feel like your ears might possibly explode. It's so loud and so intense, really the greatest fun ever. My goal was to meet Jimmy Johnson and get a picture of him signing my mini #48 car and of course one with me too. Mr. Paul wanted to meet Ricky Carmichael, driver of the #4 Monster sponsored truck. Mr. Paul got his wish. We walked right up to him at his hauler and got an autograph and our photo with him. I did not. I saw Jimmy Johnson while he was being surrounded on pit road by the media. Walking to his car for qualifying. I got some decent photos of him but it's not the same as actually meeting him. I am hoping this weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway in NC. Once again Ron got us tickets so I will have yet another blog entry for that.
There he is my man Jimmy Johnson by his car and crew. (Drooling)

Me, Ricky Carmichael and Mr. Paul prior to the race

It was a great day, just Mr. Paul and I. No kids, no drama, no problems, no work, nothing, just Mr. Paul and I relaxing watching the race enjoying each other's company. It was a perfect day.

Jimmy driving by after qualifying--you didn't think I'd miss it did you????
Mr. Paul and I in front of the giant Monster Mile Monument

Oh and for Mr. Paul, the day wouldn't have been complete without his photo with Ms. Sprint Cup. Oh brother.........LOL

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