Monday, April 26, 2010

Facebook reunites

I have become quite the junkie on facebook. I have reunited with friends from my old stomping grounds, my nephews, nieces, brothers and sisters, and people I see everyday. It's funny how fun it can be to see how all your old high school friends are doing, where their lives have taken them and where they are.
I have to admit that I have had to pull out my yearbooks and look to see who some of them are. I find that not everyone looks exactly as I remember. I don't know why either it's only been 20+ years. LOL Some of them amazingly enough haven't changed a bit. Some I don't remember at all, but find that their friendship to me now is very important. Their daily posts, their inspirational words to mine, I can't stop.

I have always been one of those people that looking at me describes my mood without me even saying a word. One guy at my job says he can tell my mood based on the way I have applied my makeup that day. I always used to post exactly the way I felt that day as my daily post. Then I was at a friends house one day and another friend came over and made a comment that her husband avoids me because my life carries too much drama. Although it was a very innocent comment, I found I was very offended by it.
I can't help it if my teens give me a dose of reality everyday. I can't help it that I lead a very busy and hectic life. I have always felt that one of the best qualities I hold is the fact that I am always honest about my feelings and although I will avoid conflict at all costs, I refuse to lie. I always thought that when someone asks me what's up that they really wanted to know. I had never thought that it was just a comment people make when they see someone. Now I find that because of that comment I never post anything on my facebook that is negative or "drama". For that matter I haven't even done blogs lately because I have been feeling like I need to be careful of what I write so as not to offend anyone.
Well the other day I was talking with one of my old buddies and they confided some personal things with me that are not so different than my own circumstances and I felt good they felt as if they could talk to me. They said how my facebook posts inspire them and allow them to know who I really am. Now of course this got me to thinking. Who is this person I have become on facebook and blogs that I have allowed myself to be?

This blog for instance is my online diary. I started it as my therapeutic way of saying what's on my mind and how I feel, and yet I have stopped writing it because I worry I might offend. Well no more, this is my site, these are my feelings, and reading it is completely optional. If you don't agree with me there is no problem with that, but I still have the right to say how I feel on my own site.
So from now on it is what it is, and if for whatever reason you have a problem with something I have written well you have several choices. You can not read it, you can leave a comment, you can delete me or you can do whatever you like but I am going to be true to me and say how I feel and what is on my mind.
After reading facebook, I have noticed one thing, regardless of who you are or where you live, the issues, drama, problems I have are really not that different than anyone I know. Some people hide behind the computer screen and pretend their lives are a fairy tale but in reality we all know better.

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