Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter 2010

Today we spent the day as a family. Which for those of you that have 15+ year old kids, you know that is something that is few and far between. The two oldest are becoming more independent and have many other things that occupy their time. When I awoke Sunday morning I made biscuits and gravy for breakfast for everyone. Then I came up with several ideas of things we could do for the day as a family. I didn't ask them if they had plans, I just assumed that when I used the phrase family day they understood it.

Everyone agreed to the Washington DC Zoo which was amazing. No complaints, no can this person or that person go too, nothing. Everyone got ready and off we went. I would like to say when we made these plans we forgot about the DC Cherry blossom festival. Now that was an issue. There were thousands of tourist everywhere and of course as you can imagine, traffic was not moving as planned. In addition there really isn't anything that annoys Mr. Paul worse than wall to wall traffic so that was a problem.

But we eventually made it to the zoo and we saw many animals. I asked a couple strangers to take a photo of us, which my kids just thought was the end of the world, but they too eventually got over it.

It was a perfect day - weather was nice but not scorching hot. We topped off the day by having dinner at the California Pizza Kitchen in Alexandria, VA.

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