Friday, March 26, 2010

The innocence of a child

Apparently Logan needed to trim his toenails. YUM~
When I think about how easy life really is for kids, I wonder why all I ever wanted was to grow up . Isn't it funny how they can still muster up some way to get into trouble??? My boys range in all aspects of the age spectrum but for each of them there are ways for them to get into trouble. They are all so different and yet so similar.

Logan has always been a little different. He is OCD like Paul and loves to run the vacuum, empty the dishwasher, whatever just because he wants too. He doesn't ask, he doesn't wait for us to ask he just does it.

In our house Logan has many nicknames, Skeletor, Wind chime, boo boo, boob, Loggie, but after I was fortunate enough to snap these photos of him with my phone I think a more appropriate name might be pretzel?

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