Friday, March 26, 2010

The innocence of a child

Apparently Logan needed to trim his toenails. YUM~
When I think about how easy life really is for kids, I wonder why all I ever wanted was to grow up . Isn't it funny how they can still muster up some way to get into trouble??? My boys range in all aspects of the age spectrum but for each of them there are ways for them to get into trouble. They are all so different and yet so similar.

Logan has always been a little different. He is OCD like Paul and loves to run the vacuum, empty the dishwasher, whatever just because he wants too. He doesn't ask, he doesn't wait for us to ask he just does it.

In our house Logan has many nicknames, Skeletor, Wind chime, boo boo, boob, Loggie, but after I was fortunate enough to snap these photos of him with my phone I think a more appropriate name might be pretzel?

Saturday, March 6, 2010

A whole new perspective

Last night Father White blessed Mr. Paul and I by meeting us at Carrabba's for dinner. We call the stuff you dip the bread in "dirt" so we invited him for a little dirt and conversation. Of course since I do all the chatting he really doesn't get a word in edge wise but it's all good.

In previous blog entries where I have discussed how I feel about Father White, I again find myself stumped by his amazing presence. At first sight I always feel like this overwhelming feeling of joy. It's like a kid seeing the gifts on Christmas day morning, or that feeling on a first date. My heart starts racing, I can't help but smile and my mind races at all the stories and questions I want to be sure to talk about.

He has this way of sucking me right in and at the time I am with him I become this chatty Kathy doll that someone keeps pulling that string and I never shut up. I always thought that I would never feel 100% comfortable or be able to be myself around a priest, but the most amazing thing is I can be all Trish (which is a lot for anyone to take) and believe it or not he doesn't mind. I might even stretch to say I think that's why he likes me. I don't try to say the right thing, I don't try to be someone I am not, I am Trish all the way and he still likes me. He always says the perfect thing, he always looks at you with total honesty and understanding. No judgement, no harsh words, and regardless of the subject and how hard it is to talk about you leave the meeting with a sense of peace and utter happiness.

How does someone do that? How is one man so perfect in every way? The thing is I tell him I think he is amazing and he is so humble and always responds with "God is Good". One man's way has changed the entire way I look at life, how is that possible? Combined with the fact he asks nothing in return. Who do you know that does that? Gives you everything and wants absolutely nothing in return.

Father White has this most hysterical laugh. When I get him going and I most often do, he has this great laugh. Last night at dinner he was laughing so hard he put his head on the table several times. It felt so good because it was obvious he was with us for dinner not as an obligation or a part of his duty as a priest but just friends meeting up for dinner to talk about what is going on in each other's lives and enjoy the company of a true friend.

If he was the only friend I had, I truly believe I would be the luckiest person alive. Thank you Father White for just being you. God is good!!!!!!!!!