Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Groundhog Day

What is groundhog Day? For most of us it's a joke we use to say "same old same old". I got up, went to work, went home, ate dinner, played with the kids, took a shower and went to bed so I could wake up tomorrow and do the same old thing all over again.

It's easy for us all to get in the groove of things but the reality of life is that one day we won't have it or won't be able to move about so easily so why not force ourselves to change things up a bit. Or let me ask if having groundhog day's is so bad after all?

Today I woke up for work another exhausting morning where I stayed up so totally too late, turned on my phone and while it booted up I began to brush my teeth. I scrolled down the randomness of my entries and saw a text from my son. Sent at 11:51 am it said "I love you so much mom. Goodnight". I stared at that text knowing my son thought of it, he took the time to write it all because?

Did I do anything in particular yesterday or last night to be rewarded but such a message? I don't believe so but what I had done was Groundhog Day. I had began my day as usual, and come home as normal, but also as normal I talked with my kids and listened as he discussed whatever with me. I was doing the things I have always done but my son decided that my groundhog day meant a lot to him and he decided to tell me what a difference I make in his life. I wonder if he had any idea how much such a simple message would mean to me?

You know maybe groundhog day isn't so bad for any of us, as long as in our days of nothingness we go to the trouble to make sure the ones we love know how much they mean to us. I have definitely made my share of mistakes but if there is one thing I do ensure I do is make sure my husband and kids know everyday how much they mean to me and how very much I love them.

Sure life has drama and I yell and I get pissed but ultimately I have lived my life for them. Everything I do is for them. As any parent I often wonder if I've been successful. My son's simple one lined text tells me I have. Groundhog day to me means a life full of love and I do make a difference.

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