Thursday, December 3, 2009

What is normal?

Sometimes when I reflect on my day or my life thus far I wonder if I am normal? Is it normal to have a good day, a bad day, good, bad, etc? Is it normal to be so emotional? Am I the only one in the world who literally feels dizzy from the roller coaster in which I seem to be unable to get off of? Am I the only one on the roller coaster? Is it normal to watch a Hallmark commercial and be brought to tears? but the next moment be twirling around blowing bubbles for no known reason (sounds just like me huh?).

I've talked many times on here about all the changes in which I have made within myself. How I am more forgiving than I ever was before. How I am less vocal (really I am) than I used to be. How one day I feel as if the changes in me have made me a better person but really in all honesty I have always been the same person. I simply have grown up, matured and have learned a better delivery of the things I say - learned to pick my battles but many people, family to boot have mistaken this change for thinking that I am not longer Trish.

Then I wonder what is wrong with Trish? Family well they have to love you but they don't have to like you, text you, call you, email you, and friends, well friends choose you. Ultimately all the people in my life have made a choice to be there so I have to believe that Trish is a good, decent and fun person. LOL Why else would I feel my cup runneth over with all the family and friends who support me and who are in my life.

What is normal? Normal is nonexistent. It is not defined. Normal is whatever we experience. Normal is life changes, people change but hopefully you my friend reading this, hopefully you don't change and you always remain in my life because life with you in it is so much more gratifying then life without you.


Jaimey said...

Well said, my normal amazing lovely aunt! :)

Sue said...

I will say this once and for all and if anyone does not like it tough! There is not a damn thing wrong with you and never has been!!!!!!! You are your own special person and I am grateful to have you for a sister now and always have. No matter what I am doing and how much time passes my love and respect for you as a sister, friend, mother, wife and person remains strong and steady. Make changes you feel are best for you and no matter what others say only do what will make you believe that you are better for the change you made. Not because someone else thinks that you should make that change. They either love you for being Patricia Birch Hampson Brechtel or they don't. I put all those names in there because they ultimately are a part of what makes you who you are. Love you much always your BIG SIS!