Tuesday, November 3, 2009


2009 hasn't been the best year I've ever experienced to say the least. I had all these situations that could if I let them be a reason for me to lay around, eat everything in sight and feel miserable. Which I can say some days have gotten the best of me. It started with the death of my mother, Paul being laid off, Trae wrecked his car and Paul hit mine when backing out of the garage and that was just in January. Since then, Coty was expelled from school with two court dates upcoming, Trae has an upcoming court date, I was rear ended and lord knows what the next 2 months will bring.

This year I have not been to Mass but once I think. It started out I missed while in Oregon with my mother, and the more I missed the easier it became. I began to wallow in my own sorrows. Poor me, my life sucks, my kids are stressing me, my husband blah blah blah.

Well enough is enough I refuse to let my own life be shitty because things are not going as I think they should. I don't want my friends, family and not my kids to remember me when I am not here as always grumpy and mad.

2009? I met some great new friends who I talk to almost daily and I can't imagine my life without them. I have a great job. I am GOING to quit smoking. I am talking to a long lost BFF whom I have missed everyday for so many years. I have great kids that as all kids do they make bad decisions and they have me to count on when they do. I have a wonderful husband who treats me like a Queen not to mention he's HOT! (Come on ladies you all know he is HOT)

I am responsible for myself and my own happiness and I am going to fight every day, every minute if that's what I have to do to remind myself that I can be happy if I set my mind to it. I know that God needs to be placed back in my life and needs to be #1. I know that I refuse to repay bad behavior, bad moods as a reaction for bad situations.
We drop a penny on the ground and just look at it as though it's so insignificant. We see one on the ground and don't pick it up. But if you look closely the key to life's success is written clearly right on top. Trust in God and all things are possible.
Final thought: I must remind myself of the quote I wrote after the death of my mother. "Life is not measured by the shell others see but by the shell we leave when the shell is gone". I must remember that and be happy everyday for the gift of that day.

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Sue said...

you are so right about us having a choice in how we react and how we allow our lives to be influenced. Unfortunately, we forget it. This blog was so significant because I had the most horrid day today and I felt like things in my work life were so totally out of control. Now I see that it is not the things at work which are out of control, but my emotion about those things and what I am allowing myself to have an influence on my emotion and life. Thanks for your insight and for writing so well. You are truly amazing. Love you much sister!