Monday, October 12, 2009

Bully gets away......

Today Trae was walking in the local mall with his girlfriend when this 20+ year old punk wearing a UFC sweatshirt decided to start yelling at him calling him a faggot and telling Trae to pull up his pants. Trae's pants are droopy but they don't show his underwear. Trae did the right thing and ignored him and kept walking.

Shortly later on another floor of the mall the guy came up to Trae and got nose to nose with him and was saying the same things. Trae pulled up his pants but the dude kept on calling him a faggot. Trae did what anyone would have done and punched him (about 4 times). The guy never threw a punch at Trae but did stop calling him names.

The mall cops came and the bully decided at that time to call 911 and say Trae hit him. The guys eye was bleeding all down his face. The mall cops took Trae to a private room and once he was there they handcuffed him. I don't understand that part at all. If a kid has never been in trouble, is cooperating, why are you going to handcuff him while there is a room of Charles County Sheriffs and mall cops? Where do you think he's going?

Then to boot they banded Trae from the mall for a year. The other guy was dancing around laughing saying "this is what I do". What a dick. So Paul and I went to the mall to confront him. He works there. He wasn't there but the kid working told us his name and so we called the district store. They were not happy, so I wonder will he be dancing tomorrow when his district manager is in his face.

I totally understand the fact that the mall police and Sheriffs have to do what they have to do to try to keep the ruckus from happening and coming to the mall, but a kid and his girlfriend walking through the mall minding their own business being bullied and yelled at and followed in the mall, feel like they are being threatened so they react and they get barred from the mall for a year. What's up with that?

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