Thursday, September 3, 2009

Clear or Foggy?

Does anyone know why it's so hard to make any type of decision regarding your own life but it is so simple to see so clearly what someone else should do in theirs?

How many times do we say to our friends "you should do this or that?" Your friend cries and tells you what is wrong with her/his life and the writing is boldly written on the wall for me but my own life is so completely unsolvable? What is that about? Easy to hand out advise but refuse to take the very same advise. You think in your mind how simple the answer is why doesn't he/she see it??? Like looking into a fish bowl --its clear as a bell.

I have a friend I will call her Pam. She has every reason to be miserable and the issues in which she faces every day I have NEVER been through anything even remotely close to the same thing. She deals with it her way and although I can't imagine in which way I would handle it, and not judging her at all for handling it the way she is, I still see how self destructive it is. How do I help her? How can I offer up any advise when I have no idea the pain she feels? I feel so helpless I don't want to overstep myself but I don't want to pretend that it's okay either.

I feel like all I can do is be a friend to her, talk to her, be there for her, and listen. Be the friend to her that I would want if I was in her shoes. There is no simple answer, life throws us all curve balls all we can do is try to catch them and not let them smack us in the face.

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