Thursday, September 10, 2009


If you move away from family when you are a young adult and live far away all of your adult life, is it okay for you family to not know who your kids are? And don't get me started on how to spell their names. Of course spelling them differently than the "norm" it's to be expected that people might spell them wrong but family after 18 years, seriously??? Trae and Coty. It's only four letters, here I will help you T-R-A-E and C-O-T-Y.
It must come down to me feeling like it's the old "Out of sight out of mind" thing. I know all my nephews and nieces. I cherish them all. I text the majority of them and they text me. Would it be okay if I didn't know them? To me that's easy...... Hell no! That's unacceptable, no if's, ands or buts about it.

It's not anything to lose sleep over but it does hurt. I sent Trae's senior picture over text to all my family and friends. I got a response saying "Who are you?" I thought to myself hey it's a phone, maybe the screen is small, maybe it's blurry... Maybe... Maybe.....Maybe. Not only did that message tell me that you didn't know my son, but you didn't have my number saved in your phone. WOW aren't we family? Siblings even.

You know I have facebook, myspace, and this blog. I post pictures on all of them. Not a computer user? Your spouse and kids are. They are on my pages, don't you see them? You get my family pictures at Christmas, right? (Of course not every year but I try and actually have never gotten one from you). My friend from high school sent back "WOW he looks just like you". Okay so if he looks like me did you forget what I look like?
I have no doubt that I will take some heat for this blog but the thing is, this is my blog, my online therapy, my page my feelings, my opinion. So I will just say it now, if you are mad then I say Do you feel guilty? Don't read it, don't look at it, whatever works for you, the fact remains even though no harm was meant, harm was received and that's how I feel.

Of course I will get over it, I always do, but for right now, I am hurt.


Jaimey said...

I feel you on the name thing. Most of the family spells mine wrong and I am 3-0! I can spell your boys names, just for the record and I have not seem them since they were tiny. :) Hugs. We all love you even if some people suck at showing you... as my friend Alexis always says:

"Family- can't live with them, can't stew them in a pot"

"Just because someone isn't loving you as much as you think they should DOES NOT mean they aren't loving you as much as they CAN."

Jaimey said...

p.s I can't check photos texts. Stupid AT& T isn't compatable with that. RUDE. I have not looked at it online yet. I got it on here yesterday though. I like the pic...

Anonymous said...

Nice photo, he looks so different in a tux. Love the smile and I agree it is just what he would not like.