Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Cheesen in the tux

Trae Matthew Hampson my 18 year old son is a Senior this year. He will graduate in June 2010. The school he attends enforces you get your photo taken in this "standard" attire. This is my favorite picture of course he and I don't agree. I like the smile he doesn't. My baby boy is so handsome.

How did 18 years pass already? When they are babies and they get up every two hours, you pray for this day. When we are in the potty training stage and mess in their pants, you pray for this day. When they get into everything, learn the word "NO", cause a seen in a public place, nag you for toys, complain about homework, you get called by the principal (luckily I have NEVER gotten that one), when they begin dating, and get their hearts broken, you pray for this day.

I'm here to tell you I know it will not be long when I am typing my Graduation Day blog and I dread it. Trae is my first born and we all know there is a special bond between a mother and her first born. I'm in no way am I saying I love him more than the other two because I don't it's just everything for him that was a first was also a first for me. Trae is my training wheels for kids and I don't think I did half bad. I may be ready to try a trike but definitely not ready for only two wheels. I try to remember that he learned to ride without training wheels a long time ago, it's me who has to relearn.
I'm a proud mother and although Trae is probably very ready to move on to the next chapter in his life, I for one am not in a hurry for that day to come. I'm excited for him, and just hope I have given him all the tools he needs to be successful and even more importantly remembers how to use them.

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Jaimey said...

Oi. Please stop reminding me how fast it really goes! :)