Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sanity returns?

School is back in session. Trae is a senior, Coty is a sophomore and Logan is in fourth. Finally after the absolute worst summer of all time, (actually if I am being honest the worst YEAR) maybe some peace in our home. What do I mean? Well for crying out loud you must not have any kids, or shall I say teens/young adults. First when kids are off for the summer this is what they do. Stay up all night playing video games, texting, on myspace, whatever, sleep all day long wake up just in time to shower and walk out the door to loiter at the mall till it closes and then back home again. When they drive? OMG don't even get me started. I was a kid once and although I am sure they forget that, there is no fooling me. I have seen it, done it, said it, and they just simply are not going to get over on me.

In the meantime the drama.........girls calling, ringing the doorbell, missed appointments (due to over sleeping) which according to them wouldn't happen if I didn't make a dentist appointment in the morning. I am on another planet, last time I checked 1:00 p.m. is early afternoon. Why can't this person stay the night who cares that you work and get up at 5:00 a.m. we won't wake you we'll still be up anyway, piling teens in my son's car, seat belts? Please how dumb are you anyway? baseball practice, games, this kid needs a ride too, senior photos, this girl with this guy then well that was 5 minutes ago-- jeez mom catch up. Anyway I think you get the picture. The difference between summer vacation and now you ask?

Bedtimes, rules, schedules, hopefully some responsibility and peace and quiet. They all go to their respective rooms about 10:00 p.m. I find it hard to go to bed because the house, it's so quiet and peaceful. No wrestling pillows or each other, no fighting, nothing just the sound of my favorite movie. Aww the tranquility of it all.

Lets not forget the power of threats. If you don't do well in school, if you don't ace this test, no kids staying the night, no driving, no phone ---HOLY CRAP DID SHE SAY NO PHONE??? Yeah that's the attention getter for my boys. Take my car, take my allowance, take whatever you want but please don't take my communication to the outside world!!!!!!!!! WOW!!

Using school to get your way as a parent is a very powerful tool. Hey kids don't do what their parents say (well at least mine don't) so we need that edge, that one thing we can use to get what we need that ultimately is for them anyway. Like using Santa's arrival or shall I say non-arrival on the younger ones to get them to eat their veggies. Whatever it's the same thing. Well it was for me until the other day. What happened? Well as you know my mom died in January and while I was in Oregon with her I found my old yearbooks. Inside one of them was a report card from high school. My GPA was like a 1.0 (long story). Yep that's what I said-- a one point zero. Trae of course came across it just the other day and said mom if I got a 1.7 and you were mad and said all I was doing in school was breathing, what were you doing in school when you got a 1.0? Now seriously what the hell do I say to that?

There are no books on how to be a perfect parent, no boxes to check as you handle one issue and move on to the next. We remember what our parents did or what our friends parents did and we do the best we can. It's basically trial by error, if this didn't work let me try this, etc. I wouldn't be who I am today and my life wouldn't be as satisfying without those three buggers but there is nothing wrong with me liking a little stress-free, quiet evenings either.

Logan was actually excited on the first day but the sun was in his eyes.


Lizzieborden said...

Very cute and if they live with you when they are out of school it just goes back to the same as summer vacation. that's just a warning for you so you can prepare yourself.

Jaimey said...

Oh the things I get to look forward to. :) I am headed for my third boy, by the way. :) Hugs!