Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pub Crawl

Bill and his lovely bride Joanne invited Paul and I to attend a Pub Crawl with them. We thought you know it's time for us to have some fun, so we said what the heck!

My first quest was to figure out what is a Pub Crawl exactly. Basically Bill and Joanne were staying at a hotel in Roslyn VA and a bus would pick us up at a sushi bar the next block up. We arrived to the hotel about 4:30 p.m. and Bill and Joanne were already there. They had a room a few doors down from us. We checked in, went to the room and got unpacked. The view from the room was so beautiful.

Then we went to their room. They had an adjoining room with their friends Roddy and his girlfriend. Between the two rooms there was so much food and alcohol. Any kind of drink you could literally imagine. They had like 4 plastic tubs full of alcohol for the bus. Paul and I started with jungle juice. Bill and Joanne made it. The funniest thing about that was they were telling us about how this container (like a water jug for a cooler) had a screw on top which if removed allowed one to pour several things into the jug at once. However neither of them noticed this removable top when they were making the jungle juice. They had unscrewed the actual area where you flip the tab and the drink comes out. It took them forever to get all the liquor in the jug and get it full. Only then did they notice the removable top that would have saved them a whole lot of time. Now that is funny. Were they already drinking???

Bill and Joanne's friend Trey enters the room. Now he was a hoot. He walks in and you knew without even knowing him he was definitely was the life of the party. He walks in and says "Hey Bitches", then the next words out of his mouth were man I promised my girlfriend I would go to Church tomorrow, "F--". In context it was hilarious. So many random thoughts all at once. All night we kept repeating it......Hey Bitches, I gotta go to church tomorrow, F---". Okay well maybe you have to be there, but if you were there you can totally hear it. In the picture below of our lovely Joanne - Trey is on the far right. Hey dude what's happening?
Little by little more folks began to arrive to the "hot spot". Soon it was standing room only in this small room. Our cherished jungle juice was being invaded by everyone. Dang it, I don't drink but man that was mine. I knew I should have hid it. So we head off to the sushi bar, called Cafe Asia. Great! I can't thing I don't eat?? Anything that used to swim or slither in life, where are we going? Sushi bar? Not good, not only is it a form of fish but raw fish, dead fish, and worse ever, fish eggs. I want to literally throw up. Thank goodness they have regular Chinese type food.

So Bill and Joanne order a platter of all different types of Sushi. Let me explain the place is packed, and loud as ever. You can barley hear the waitress more less she can't understand us very well. So hear comes the platter. The waitress sets down their platter and they dig in. Arg! There it is plenty of all different types of random dead fish guts, eggs all swirled together.

At the opposite end of the table sits these two girls. One I will call her Blondie, but carries the type attitude that she thought she was the main desert for all, somehow thinking she was blessing the rest of us with her presence. PLEASE! Her friend, butta face, as we were calling her, was not attractive and honestly after 34 drinks, still not attractive had the whole "I'm hot" attitude thing going on as well. Anyway after most of Bill and Joanne's sushi platter was gone the waitress realizes that she gave Bill and Joanne the girls platter. Blondie was pissed and was glaring at our end of the table. Bill did the respectable thing. He picked up the platter with the remaining sushi and walked it down to them. Of course Blondie and butta were not about to eat after anyone so they rudely declined. Ultimately the waitress was in the wrong so she brought out a new one for them and ended up bringing Bill and Joanne the one they actually ordered. So we haven't even gotten on the bus yet and already drama. What the heck and I don't even eat fish.

It's 9:00 time to board the bus. In walks Kelly. Kelly's job is to announce the bar we are heading too, give us arm bands so we don't have to pay any cover charges and tell us what time to be back on the bus so we can head to the next destination. What we see is a school bus that has been transformed. It's blue and painted all over, once inside the bus driver, Alfonzo, high fives everyone and in you go. Once inside there are no seats, just a row of bench along the outside of the bus on both sides, there are three "stability poles", disco lights and the music was blaring. In the back of the bus was all the tubes of alcohol. Oh Lord the fun begins............

Paul getting giggly on the bus!

So we are off to the first place, eyebar in DC. Now picture a blue school bus, music blaring, windows up and down and people dancing/thrusting against the stability poles. The only rule on the bus? If you don't have a drink in your hand get off! I'm stunned. Isn't this like, open container? 35 people all have been drinking for hours, on a bus all drinking alcohol, standing, dancing, swinging on the poles while driving in downtown DC. What a site. Oh but it gets better. In eyebar everyone was pretty calm just standing around basically waiting for the next stop.

We got on the bus and headed toward public bar. This place was wild, it was several levels with different types of music on each floor. Flat screen TVs everywhere. Somewhat like a sports bar setting. Here we stood packed like sardines and just laughed and drank. I had the whole smart thing going on. I would drink water in the bars and drink alcohol on the bus. We left public at midnight. The stairs in this bar are literally suicide sober if you were drunk you would not want to have to walk up these flights of stairs. They were wood, steep and Lord like 5 stories.

Oh No - Bill's on the pole..........

We were off on the bus for ride number 3 to Rumors. Now this bar was hopping. There were people literally in every crevices of the place. Bill and Joanne were dancing and since we were with them we were too. Holy crap is that Michael Jackson??? Awesome finally music I know. I tried to dance but this white girl has no rhythm. I wasn't drunk so therefore I knew I was not able to move in a way in which I could even pretend I was dancing. I am pathetic. This was so out of my element. I had no rhythm. I just knew everyone was looking at the dumb girl attempting to dance.

It was amazingly hot in there and Paul suggested we go outside for some fresh air. Well we went outside and cooled off and when we were ready to go back in the bar was at capacity, so they wouldn't let us in. We were fine with that. The bar was inside and out so we could clearly hear the music. So we just leaned up against this planter and talked to some others who were outside. There were people everywhere walking, calling cabs, getting into limos, etc. Then we got on the bus again headed to the hotel.

People were all over that stinking bus. I was thinking man I'm tired is the party over? Oh no, just starting. Everyone headed back to Bill and Joanne's room to drink it up. There were people everywhere between the two rooms. Joanne was laying flat in the middle of her bed where I felt inclined to lay next to her. We laughed and watched people.

The night drew to an end about 3:30 am. It was fun and was something totally different than Paul and I had ever done. I was a little out of my sorts but would go again if I had to do it all over. Bill and Joanne showed us a great time and we met some good people. It is always great to see Bill in a totally different light. In Eielson he was my boss, an officer and now he is just Bill. He is fun, and his wife is the best. She is this fun, lovable, wonderful person full of life. Paul and I are blessed to have them as our friends.

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