Monday, August 3, 2009

Can I have bubbles?

Kids man they drive us all crazy don't they? They're kind of like men, you can't live with them and you can't live without them. You love them with all your heart but sometimes you just can't figure out who raised them.

I was watching this movie and these two guys are watching kids blowing bubbles and it makes them so happy and one guy says to the other, why can't I enjoy anything as much as kids enjoy blowing bubbles? Now I don't know about your kids but my kids would never think blowing bubbles was fun. They have Wii, PS2 and Xbox, a pool table and a ping pong table and yet they are always bored. Why is that? They absolutely hate it when I say when I was a kid..... It's official I am my mother.

Doesn't it seem like when you get married sooner rather than later it seems like all you do is whine and complain? Same with kids they start out so cute and adorable, then they become teens and they are still cute and adorable but for whatever reason they have no common since? I wonder did I drive my mom and dad so crazy? Was I so lackadaisical? Did I act like I was invincible? Did I make my parents feel like nothing they did was good enough? Me? Never I was the most lovable, kind, and enjoyable child a parent could ever ask for.
Is it possible they really don't notice their room looks as though a tornado went through it? When they noticed the dishwasher was full when they place their dirty dishes on the counter to harden, so that when I get to it I break a freaking acrylic nail trying to scrap the gunk off the plate? When they drive away maybe the garage door actually went up instead of down? I mean for real I hit the button, and I saw it close. (I'm stupid) Maybe its possible the teacher really doesn't like them and that is why they got an "F". Maybe its possible they didn't see me cooking or feel the heat from the hot stove when they fixed a bowl of cereal and then weren't hungry for dinner?

Everyday it's something, if it's not grades, it's stupid girls, decisions or lack of, do all kids think money grows on trees? Do all kids despise their younger siblings? Do all kids walk past their parents with this total look of disgust? Dang kids have no idea how many dirty diapers I changed because if they did they would know I have dealt with enough crap to last a lifetime.

My kids are wonderful and I am sure my life is totally normal, but sometimes I feel like such a mean cow. I worry if I have taught them enough, sheltered them too much, given them enough responsibility. I guess all parents walk around every day with a flashing question mark beaming above my head.

All I want to do is one day come home from work and the whole house is blowing bubbles and perfectly content with it.

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Lizzieborden said...

Boy do I miss those days of total mayhem! NOT!! You will miss these days at some point.