Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gone far to soon.

Michael Jackson, King of Pop, the greatest entertainer who ever lived......

Many people don't approve of Michael Jackson. Some feel as if he is a child molester and got off because he was rich. Some think he was a freak or strange to say the least. I think Michael Jackson was just like me, you and everyone we know. He was a man criticized by everyone and he himself was uncomfortable in his own skin. How tragic that this man who tried to make the last days of so many dying children was just a kid searching to make himself happy through the smiles of others.

Michael Jackson had it all, fame, richest he had everything money could buy, but if you look at the man in the mirror I think there was a world of pain, a man so unhappy and struggling to know who he really was. I'm no expert but ultimately why does it matter if he had plastic surgery, if he did or didn't have his children the "natural" way? Would it matter if it was me? You? Would you feel inclined to tell the world how your children were or were not conceived? Being famous gave the press the ability to write what they saw or thought they saw, to write what sales, but as a person maybe you should remember he was a father, a son, a brother, a friend, he was a person with feelings and maybe you should at least respect the dead.

I remember so fondly my friend Julie and I creating dance moves to his songs. We would make up routines so to speak and play his music and dance for Julie's mom on her living room stage. I remember watching countless hours of MTV just waiting for one of his videos.

I can say now without hesitation that although I am grown up I have cried watching the memorial services for him shown on TV today. I hate that I don't have the any hope of any more Michael Jackson albums to surface. I've lived a life without regrets but today my one regret is that I was never able to see him perform. I always wanted to and I always thought next time, I will go next time. He was my favorite of all time.

I heard someone say today at the memorial service that we so needed Michael but God needed him more. For me there is some peace in that.

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samantha leigh said...

AMEN auntie.

I loved MJ so much and i was devastated when he died. i cried, cried, then cried some more when i watched the memorial.