Sunday, June 7, 2009

Who is my other Man in Black?

When I first began my journey to becoming a Catholic I really only knew Father White. Eventually I met Father Foley. He is the head Pastor of St. Mary's of the Assumption Church. He is an absolute Wonderful Man.

He is kind, soft spoken, and extremely caring. Once while I was attending RCIA, Father Foley came in to teach us students how to do a proper confession. He went through it and said OK Trish you will be the Priest and I will be the confessor. So he thinks for a minute and starts up. He proceeds to say Father I have not spoken to my brother for 10 years. What? I was freaking out! (I didn't show an ounce of emotion for the first time ever I know) but I couldn't believe it. My heart starting to beat like crazy and I started to sweat. Are you kidding me? I know someone is kidding me!

At the time he spoke those words I hadn't spoken to one of my sisters for 14 years. Not a peep with exception to one time I called her to give her an update on my mom and that was all I did. No small talk before or after. Was Father Foley actually confessing that not talking to a sibling was a sin? Why else would he be saying it? Was there any possible way he knew I hadn't spoken to one of mine? Was I being punked? That's what it is huh? Ashton Kutcher is going to come out and for the first time in his celebrity life he was going to punk a non-celebrity, right?

I stumbled through the confessional process and left RCIA really mixed up with what truly had happened in there. I stewed about it for a week at which point I sent my sister an email and told her that I was over it and lets let by gones be by gones. It was an amazing thing to have had this happen. It was obviously the Holy Spirit talking through him to me but it was my first real sign of it.

Up until that moment I sometimes questioned my Catholic journey wondering if it was the right thing to do, was it for me, was it real, etc. That incident gave me the 100% assurance that I needed to know that I was doing exactly what I was supposed to do.

Later after the baptism (Father Foley actually conducted the baptism) he asked me to speak during a Sunday Mass about my journey to becoming a Catholic. (The actual journey words I spoke to come on a later blog). I worked on that speech for awhile. I wanted it to be perfect. Father Foley asked for a copy of it so he would have an idea what I would be saying and thought it was good so I worked up the courage to do it.

I have to say that that was definitely one of the coolest and most rewarding things I have done as a Catholic. The response was overwhelming and I can't thank Father Foley enough for giving me the opportunity to do that. I will never forget the feeling of standing up their talking about my story and seeing how many people truly wanted to hear it.

Father Foley was responsible for my baptism and washing away all my prior sins, so for that I can never repay him. He has this awesome dog named Victoria. Yeah I said it an awesome dog, this coming from a non-dog person to say the least. His dog is very old and sheds a lot, but is remarkably calm and lovable. She likes everyone and truly even makes me love her.

These two men in black have changed my life and I believe definitely for the good. I am not the same person I was before in a lot of ways. They give me a lot of encouragement sometimes without saying a word. I really can't imagine how terrible my life would be under the current circumstances if I didn't have them and the knowledge they have taught me.

The lord does things that we don't understand sometimes, but bringing them into my life is definitely not one of them. It was clear what I was to do and I believe God knew exactly what kind of people it would take to get me where I needed to be and these two men were the key.

Thank you Father Foley for being so wonderful and caring, you will always be a gift in my life.

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