Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trae is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When Trae and Coty moved here permanently in 2002 Trae was 11, Coty was 8 and Logan was 2. Trae wanted to play football. Well I was not thrilled to say the least. He played in Oregon and was so good that the coach's would see Andy on the road and flip U'ies to chase Andy down and find out if Trae was playing. He was the STAR Quarterback with quite the remarkable arm. Reluctantly I signed him up and thankfully Coty wasn't interested "yet". The first day Trae felt intimidated by the fact these kids seemed to be so much different. See the kids here they are born playing football, by the time they are 11 they seem like they should be playing in the NFL. Lets not forget the boys were not acclimated to the weather (heat/humidity) here. Living in Alaska he was not ready for full pads, 100 degrees and humidity then getting pummelled. Lets just say during the first day of practice Trae pulls me aside and says he doesn't want to play. Holding back the tears (of joy) I said that's fine Trae how about we try baseball.

That's how it started. I signed him and Coty up for baseball and thought we would try it out. Well that's all she wrote. My boys have this unbelievable love of the game. They ate, slept and talked of nothing else. Paul and I got real used to driving in separate cars and usually different directions. Run, Run, Run that's what we did. None stop from one field to another, from March to October. Paul who grew up with the game (his dad was a pitcher for the Houston Astros) was loving it.

As a freshman Trae made Varsity for his school and Coty was playing Little League, then his sophomore year Varsity again and Coty Little League. Now Junior year comes and Trae decides that he doesn't love the game anymore. WHAT? Are you joking me? Is today April fools day? OMG! I was devastated. I cried for two days, I just couldn't believe it. Here he is this kid that everyone says has such raw talent and he is a left handed pitcher (very rare) and his heart isn't in it anymore. He quit his high school team. It was very hard for me to understand. WHY? Oh God how will I pay for college now? I was so sure he would receive some kind of scholarship - now what?

Coty had terrible grades and we told him he couldn't play either, and Logan well he simply doesn't enjoy it. What the heck is going on? Paul and I spent every day at the fields for 7 years and so we decided to get on the board for Little League and for the first time no kids are playing. Can someone shoot me in the foot? I was wondering what summer would be like with no kids to watch play ball. I had nothing to look forward to now.

Coty's coach called and asked if Coty could please play on his team. Coty has this unreal love for the game of baseball. I swear you can't "watch" a game if he is in the room. His jaws continue to flap. He knows every team, every batter, every coach, every stat, everything. It's simply not normal for a 14 year old boy to know that much about one thing and yet this is the same kid that can't stay focused on any one class in school??? Coty has never had a lack of heart and I don't think he will ever not have fun playing baseball. I always tell Coty the best job for him is to be a sports commentator. He is ridiculous with the game of baseball. So the coach and I decided that maybe playing ball would help him do better in school. I gave in. Of course like usual I gave in and said yes.

Logan is also left handed and has a lot of potential in baseball. I think he can really do something with it but he doesn't love it. If I push now I may regret it later so I don't push - YET!

Somebody pinch me I must be having a nightmare.

Little League has a "Big League" team for Trae and they wanted Trae to play. I told the coach that I knew Trae didn't want to but if they needed him in order to have enough kids to play I could get him too. So they said they needed him. He wasn't happy to say the least but felt that he wouldn't not play and make all the other kids not be able to either for lack of enough to make a team. I thought I had it all figured out...until his friend Mason (the coach's son) tells him at school that they had 20 kids on the team. OOPS I failed to remember his friend was the coach's son. Darn it. At first Trae was throwing and his shoulder was really bothering him and he was not liking it. He was rusty and struggling.

Then all of a sudden, he bought a hit away to hook up to the basketball hoop, so he could practice hitting, he started throwing with one of his fellow team mates, and tonight he pitched the entire game. OMG --- is he's back? He is loving it again. I watched him smile when he struck out the best hitter on the opposing team (more like humiliated him). I looked over at the dug out and actually saw Trae laughing.

It's hard to describe how wonderful that was for me. It's actually indescribable. I know all parents think their kids are great at this or that, but at a certain point even parents know when their kid just doesn't have what it takes. That is not the case with Trae. He truly is gifted at the game. His coach's say he has "raw talent", a "gift", "so much potential" and to hear that stuff about you child every year when you know they love it to just makes your heart skip a beat. It's the best feeling EVER! I feel like this is Trae's chance to do something that he loves to do and yet either get some college paid through scholarships or maybe if he continues to grow and get better maybe even more and I want this for him so bad I can taste it.

He and Coty are beginning to go to a hitting coach and he is going to work with both of them and get them closer to their dreams and my hopes. This coach got a full ride scholarship to University of North Carolina and then played for the Philadelphia Phillies. He knows his baseball to say the least, he is a high school coach and even better he loves Trae. He says Trae is a coach's dream player. He works hard, plays hard, has a good attitude and never complains.

My dream for my boys is they will all have a chance at an easier life than I had and maybe have a few more opportunities. My life is wonderful don't get me wrong but it hasn't been an easy one. Not that playing baseball is the golden ticket but what could be better than get a free or semi free education by doing something they love.

I guess in a nut shell I am so happy that Trae has found that passion in baseball again! He wants to play and practice everyday until next season. It's his senior year and his chance to shine, prove himself, to do something great, I know he can do it, I know he wants to, now just to keep him smiling and laughing, that's the key to the golden ticket.
My boys will find their way in this life and whether its baseball or not I want to say that I believe baseball will have something to do with their lives. It makes them happy it makes me happy. Good Luck boys!!!!!!


Janna said...

How wonderful! I know that you were upset but like you said it was his choice and had to be his choice to play again.

Molly said...

That's really awesome! I haven't seen/heard/talked to Trae in a long while but I've heard that he wasn't on the team.. everyone at NP was pretty upset ("We lost because we have sucky pitchers..", etc).
I'm so glad he likes it again!
(I still have my team trae shirt :])