Monday, June 29, 2009

Thanks for humiliating me, cow!

I work full time for the Federal Government in Washington DC and have "the best insurance I can buy". Well that is what I thought until I went to my preop appointment today and they told me that I had to pay over $500.00 for my surgery in two days. I was so pissed. Are you kidding me? I work everyday, full time and bust my butt literally working my fingers to the bone and I have to pay to have a necessary surgery? Get real man! No payments, no billing, just pay it. Well thanks for the heads up.

If that wasn't bad enough, after the lady tells me that, I said well I suppose I don't need to see the doctor today since I can't pay that my husband lost his job 6 months ago. So what does she do? She walks out to the receptionist in front of 3 other customers and about 3 employees and says refund her co-pay she can't afford the co-pay. Oh my God, I wanted to die. I can afford the co-pay stupid cow, I can't afford to pay for the surgery.

What is the world coming to that someone who works, and pays for insurance can't get a necessary surgery because they don't trust me to pay later? I am so pissed this world sucks and people are so rude.

What now you may ask? I suppose eventually something good will happen and my faith in this crap shoot of a world will be restored.


Pam Hickman said...

How rude people can be? I managed a medical clinic for several years and this is something that would not be tolerated. You should let the doctor know how you feel. Nobody should never be made to feel inadequate. The people in the waiting room have no business hearing even a portion of that conversation. It is private financial matters.

Janna said...

I'm with you, Pam! I have had so many surgeries and have never been asked to pay up front EXCEPT for dental work. When I needed emergency dental surgery even they did not ask for it up front! Everything was handled in back when payment was required. Call or go talk to the doctor who referred you to this one so he knows!