Friday, May 15, 2009

Then there was Coty

Andrew Dakota Hampson AKA Coty was born July 7, 1994 at Ft. Wainwright, AK. OMG never have I ever seen a child with a bigger head than Mr. Coty. He had the biggest head on the planet. Let me tell you this his hair was the COOLEST color I have ever seen. It was exactly a color of a copper penny. Coty was/has been the only child I have ever seen with that color hair. I used to pray that it would never change. I know now it's probably best that it did because he would hate it, but man it was so frigging awesome.

Coty was such a lovable baby, he was a joy to be around and you couldn't help but immediately love him. He was sweet and talkative and just plain adorable. It was so hard to punish him because he was so darn cute. One of my funniest memories of his childhood was when Andy and I lived on base at Eielson AFB. He was in the stage where you're trying to put him to bed in HIS bed. He wouldn't stay in bed, Like any child he would get up a million times, you'd find yourself pissed by the end of the night. Eventually it was time to give up and he would crawl into bed with me and I was just to darn tired to care. I remember going to the doctor appointment (for Coty) and I was whining about how he refused to go to sleep in his own bed. His pediatric doctor that delivered both Trae and Coty tells me to tie a sock around the knob on the inside of his door and shut it. Then he can't open the door.

Okay it sounded like a good idea, until Coty who has always been well lets say a little stubborn decided he would outsmart me. He would bang his head on the door over and over again for hours. Eventually he would start banging his head on the floor back to the door whatever just bang his head. It made me feel horrible but I took the doctors advice and figured she knew best. Lets not forget the big ol' head. I would go in after the banging stopped find him asleep on the floor by the door. I would carry him to bed where he would lay in peace and quite and I'm sure a banger of a headache. A few days of this lets just say the bruises began to appear. That big ol' melon was covered in them. I took him back to the doctor and showed her I was so scared the child social services was going to think I abused him. She documented his records and after about 5 days of that he just went to bed and luckily for both of us that meant no more bruises.

When Paul and I were dating Coty was 3ish and Mr. Paul just thought he was so cute. He was this tiny little kid with this huge head and he was so awesome. One day the boys were there for the weekend and Mr. Paul came over. Coty was being well he was being 3 and I was just about done with it. I picked Coty up and was going to carry him into my room for "time out". He decided to start kicking and screaming and so I put him down. I was ironing and Coty decided to walk over to the ironing board and push it over. So time out it was. I picked him up and carried him to my room and put him on my bed. When I came out Paul was walking towards my room and I said "don't go in there and play with him." Paul said I'm not I'm going to the bathroom. So the next thing I knew I was being told that Coty wanted to talk to me. So I go in there and Coty says to me and I quote... "Paul says I'm sorry". Okay what is going on? Paul are you kidding me? Did you not witness him throwing the ironing board over? Is it just me or is Mr. Paul a total softy? Coty had him completely wrapped around his finger and Coty knew it.

When Coty came here to live I would look at him and he was still so frigging cute. He is such a lovable, sweet child. He loved Logan and idolized Trae. He and Paul well they have this bond that I can't explain. I don't really know what it is nor in 13 years have I been able to pinpoint it, but they have this awesome bond.

Coty has played baseball since he moved here and he loves it. He did Cub-Scouts for a year and grew out of that. I have to say a Hell yes to that one. Man Cub-Scouts sucks! It's like another full time job. Okay so "they" earn badges right? No they don't earn squat, the parents do it. You flip threw the book figuring out what's the easiest thing you can do and least time consuming thing so your kid can "earn" his badge. I hated it to say the least. Thank God he decided he didn't really like it. His proudest moment was in Cub-Scouts was he and Mr. Paul made a car for the "Pinewood Derby" race and Coty won "Coolest car". He was so happy! Of course it was painted in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers colors since that is Mr. Paul's favorite NFL team and there was Coty's. If you look at Coty and you look at Andy and me you think he looks just like his dad. However here is a picture of my father at approximately the same age, he looks like my father (Henry Lee Roy Birch) and that in itself is the greatest gift.

Then as the years past Coty became obsessed with Michael Vick the quarterback for the Atlanta Falcons. Mr. Paul found out the Falcons were playing the Washington Redskins right around Christmas of 2006. So Mr. Paul decided the perfect Christmas gift would be tickets to that game. Mr. Paul took him to the game and on the way stopped and bought him a "Vick" jersey to wear. Okay so now we have a Tampa fan and a Falcon's fan going to the home field of the Washington Redskins. This should be good. Coty was pimping Falcons attire. Needless to say with any home team the fans were not impressed. Some of them actually didn't mind dogging out this 12 year old boy. Do you think for a minute a child of mine took it without saying a word. Turns out that adorable child of mine talked his own share of trash.

Now the actual teenage years are here. Two teenagers God Help me--PLEASE!!!! Now we have our first girlfriend. Not lovely for me. Don't get me wrong but it's not easy watching your kid grow up, a girlfriend is the first step in the part of their lives where they no longer need ya. So now he is on the phone with her 24/7, going to the mall for like 8 hours just to walk around with her. How do you walk around the same mall every day for 8 hours with no money in your pockets? Oh and lets not forget that in my world girlfriend = slipping grades = bitching mother. Of course he is no longer "dating" the girl in the picture I absolutely love this photo of my guy.Coty's has this unbelievable love for baseball. He knows every batting average, every stance, everything. I swear you can't watch a game with him in the room. The kid will give you play by play, tell you what happened, what's going to happen and the past 1o years worth of stats on EVERY SINGLE batter. I don't know where he gets it the kid can talk the horns off of a billy goat, he literally makes your ears bleed........LOL He knows everything there is to know about baseball, teams, players everything. I think it's a gift. I truly believe he should be a sports commentator. It's the perfect job for him he would be so good at it. I am not kidding he will say something and 10 seconds later the actual commentator will say what he just said. It's amazing.

Coty is the type kid that would give you the shirt off his back. He is loving, kind and has the absolute biggest heart of just about anyone I have ever met. Coty has this unbelievable gift of comedy and always makes people laugh. He is like me in that way. Coty I love you - you're a gift in my life and I cherish you in my life.


Anonymous said...

Aww, love it! Cute picturs. He sure does look like your Dad! And that brought tears to my eyes about Paul taking him to the game! You're a lucky woman, woman!

Janna said...

Coty you are just a clown! Love you guy!!!

Patty Hampson said...

Coty is by far the most gifted with gab that you will ever be likely to meet. One of my fondest memories of him took place when he was visiting us in the summer in Klamath Falls. I think he was four. Everybody but him and me went skeet shooting. He wasnted to go, but I convinced him that we could have a fun outing of our own. It was three short blocks to the candy store. The day was sunny and warm. Coty had on a red oversized Tshirt, shorts, cowboy boots (also rather big) and to top it all off a woderful Scoobydoo umbrella! Imagine the scuff of the boots on the sidewalk. So cute.He tells me all about preschool class and the other kids, which he describes at length, teacher, etc. The only pauses in three blocks are to take in air!
When we get to the candy store, The nice lady tells Coty that he can have a taste of and jelly beans he wants (had she neve had a child??) He must have tasted all the flavors! The kid loves his candy.....And sweeter kid doesn't exist! Gram Patty