Thursday, May 14, 2009

Retired but NEVER forgotten!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So my best friend Linda and I used to work together at USDA. She was so fun and literally just like me. She was/is loving, blunt and I love being with her. We became really good friends and I would call her every morning when I would arrive to work at 6:30 a.m.. It got so that if I ever took a day off or was late she would worry. She would call my work phone, then my cell, then Paul's and then my house phone until she got someone to find out where I was.

One year we went to Dallas Texas together for work and had so much fun. (Hence the cowboy hats--ride'm cowboy) It was work related but it was still fun. Here's some pictures.

She became like a second mother to both Paul and I. We actually call her "Ma". She has done so much for us. She has loaned us money, bought me ample goodies and just always been there for all of us. She has come down to help me work in my yard, and brought me everything I needed to do it with. It was awesome, almost like having a sugar momma. LOL My mom knew about her and was so grateful that Paul, the boys and I had someone as wonderful as her watching out for us.
She does too. Let me tell you she will tell me when she is not pleased about something, she will tell me I need to have financial savings, do this don't do that, just like a mother. She holds nothing back.

Paul and I always laugh about who's ma she is. Mine or his. I say she loves me more and of course he thinks she loves him more. One year on his Christmas present she addressed the package to "Son" from "Ma". Good Lord you would have thought that the label was his gift he was shoving that stupid label in my face saying ha ha she loves me more she didn't put to "Daughter" on your package. Come on now are you serious? What a DORK! I still have the stinking stupid label.

After she retired we still talked daily. She eventually moved to Conway South Carolina so I never hardly see her but we still talk. Not everyday like before but still a lot. We have been down to her house there once and she has been to mine once as well. She is my "Ma" now and always has been.

Funny how two people just immediately click and become instant friends. She is a huge part of my extended family. I Love You Linda you are My Mrs. Wonderful.


Jaimey said...

that is lovely. I like her already!

FAPORT International said...

ya! it's lovely, amazing moments you have to remember...