Monday, May 25, 2009

NYC.....we came we saw lets go back

It's late on Memorial Day and we are home watching mindless TV after a long trip home from NYC. We ended up going. I was off on Friday to finalize our weekend plans. Mr. Paul and I were on the fence with whether to go or not to go to NYC. Going was what we had our hearts set on but it didn't seem right without Coty. We ran it over and over and we just really felt that it wasn't fair to the rest of us that Coty was doing what he wanted to do - so we felt we should as well. So that's what we did.

We left shortly after 6:00 a.m. on Sunday morning. We drove for what seemed like forever and good Lord $40.00 later in stupid tolls. Good grief we have to find another route for sure those tolls were rough. But in the end we got there we got to the hotel and off we went to walk around. We were so excited when we saw the biggest flea market. It was amazing they shut down like 15 or more blocks. There were little booths on both sides of the street and people were everywhere walking in the middle. It was amazing! They had the most amazing looking food, of course we didn't eat any of it. Just wasn't hungry but man did it look good.
All the men in our house love some "UFC"
Then we had to go to FAO Schwarz the famous toy store from the movie BIG. It's pretty yuppie but very nice. They had life size chewbacca, Darth Vader, and other random characters made from Lego's.
Logan and Mr. Paul with the toy soldier
We went to a 5 story toysRus with a Nickelodeon Ferris wheel inside. Good grief it was huge, of course Logan really wanted to ride it but the line was ridiculous and time was not on our side.There is one whole block that has a huge clock in the center with the USA time (EST) and then a smaller clock for every country. Mr. Paul has a total chick shoe fetish, me I love clocks so this was fabulous for me.

We went to a 5 story Nike building. Man what is it with 5 stories there? It was so cool though when you find a pair of shoes you want to try on they call the style number and the size down over a radio and this shoot thing comes up with your shoes in it. Sort of like the shoots at some drive up pharmacy's or the drive up teller at most banks. It was really cool.
This is the Nike shoot they open
Of course I saw my favorite stores like Coach, Tiffany and Co., Louis Vuitton, Chanel, etc. I didn't go in any of them but I did take pictures.

We walked so much we finally came to Central Park where we decided to watch these dancers. What they did was line each other up and then one of them would get a running start and jump across all of them. I knew he could do it but wondered how he could jump across 5 men but he did it and in the middle he did some kind of spin thing.
We also went on a horse and buggy ride through Central Park. We needed to rest our feet but little did we know we got on and it seems our driver got into two fights with fellow New Yorkers who are animal rights people and feel like these rides are cruel. Of course they pick fights with our driver who decided to fight back with his video camera. He was taping the whole thing. It was insane but overall we got to rest our poor feet for about 20 minutes through the park.

We decided to go to dinner at no other than the Hard Rock Cafe NY. It was so frigging loud. Man there were old people in there I swear they were the lucky ones since their hearing has got to be infringed. If it wasn't it surely was when they left. The waiting area had a whole wall of nothing but guitars stacked up it was really cool.
Oh lets not forget the tiny little police station on times square. How cool is that for real? Even the police cars are smaller -- there must not be much crime there. (LOL)

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