Thursday, May 7, 2009

My special gift........

*******HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EVIE....MAY 12TH********

So my mom's brother Jerry has had his share of heart ache. He is probably the strongest man I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Until January I never really knew him as much as I could have, which was 39 years of loss in my book. His life has taken some unruly turns and some of the things this man has survived you and I can't even imagine.

When I was at my mom's in January, Uncle Jerry came and he was a statue of strength as always. He was the one when you had your moment of breakdown, you knew to look for Uncle Jerry and he would just look at you and hold out his arms. A hug from Uncle Jerry was for me so comforting. He would just hug you and tell you how much he loved you and like a father to a little girl I knew that with him by my side I would be okay.

He bought groceries, he lent a helping hand regardless of who asked or what they needed, he would offer to help. I realized during my visit with him how many wonderful years of stories and hugs I had missed out on. He truly helped me deal with the horrible loss of my mother. Thank you Uncle Jerry, I'm sure you have no idea how much you helped me cope every day!!

When my father died in March 1995, Uncle Jerry was there too. Both times I personally have experienced the biggest self loss I have ever endured, Uncle Jerry has been there for me, and for my brothers and sisters. Just seems normal and right that when we Birch's need him he is there for us as if we are his own children. I have many wonderful memories of when his family lived across the street from me as a child and when we visited him growing up after they moved.
So now Uncle Jerry is going through yet another catastrophic pain. His wife Evelyn "Evie" is very ill. She has Alzheimer's. From what I understand it started as early as 1998 or 1999. She is living in a home about 2 hours from him and last week he received a call from them saying she was nearing her end. Holding on day by day I know he is filled with so much pain. He lost his daughter Jerelyn (3 years ago) om a tragic automobile accident, two years ago or so he picked up a hitch hiker who stabbed him multiple times and left him for dead and now his beloved wife of just over 4o years is nearing the end of her remarkable life.

My Aunt Patsy (his sister and my mom's sister) told me this story. Evie was always so much fun. I met her on their wedding day (February 1, 1969) she was so funny and full of life. Loved to laugh and have a good time. One of her favorite memories of her was the time that Jeanita (Aunt Patsy's daughter) and Ronnie (Patsy's son) stayed with Jerry and Evie for a visit. About a week she thought. Jerry and Evie hadn't been married very long and lived in Van Nuys, CA. Evie took the kids to the Bush Bavarian Gardens. They like most kids didn't show enthusiasm and she thought they hadn't liked the gardens. But when Patsy came to pick them up, they were so excited and told me all about the garden and the flowers and how beautiful they all were. She was so surprised by the change in them that they went on and on to tell Patsy the story.

Here is what I want/need/ask of you...... Please when you think of it everyday please pray for Jerry, Evie and their beautiful children Jerelyn and Frankie and all of their family. Uncle Jerry has been exactly where I needed him (by my side) EVERY TIME we needed him and now he needs us and I can't be there for him. All I have is this blog and my own personal daily prayers. Please give a second of everyday to pray for strength, courage, guidance, health anything you can muster to pray for, I know he needs it all. He needs me now and since my husband is unemployed I can't afford to fly back to California to give my support like he has always given to me. This blog is my prayer, this blog is my cry for help that you, who ever you are, where ever you are, please pray for my uncle and his family.

Uncle Jerry you know your all in my prayers and you know now how much I truly love and cherish you. Please know that I am with you in spirit, prayers and thoughts, I know it's not the same as being there but it's what I have to give and it's coming straight from my heart that is full of love for you and your family. I Love You!!!!!!!!

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Jaimey said...

He is a wonderful, lovely rock that is for sure.

My only memory of Evie before the Alzheimers was one summer when I was up and staying in Roseburg at Janna's house in town. Everyone was over for a BBQ and playing vollyball. Evie was wearing this silly party dress and cute little coat (blue or green I think) and trying to play vollyball. I remember her laugh from that day. She was a lot of fun and I have heard nothing but loving amazing stories from Gram in the years I have spent visiting in the summers.

She will be missed. We love you Evie.

We love you Uncle Jerry. I will say many prayers for your strength in this tough time! {{HUGS}}