Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Meet the Hampson's

I met the Hampson's (Larry, Patty, Becky and Andy) in January 1987. I thought Andy was the cutest guy in school. (Mind you there were only 36 kids in my graduating class--but he was so handsome). He had never really dated anyone before so I will not have to say that walking into a basketball game holding hands it felt like I was in a movie. You know the one where you walk into a room and the entire place turns to stare at you, it seemed like the players even stopped playing. It was like the world went into pause mode to stare at us. It was kind of a bury your head in the sand moment but at the same time a very proud one too.

Needless to say we dated the remaining of the year and all of the next (Senior year). It was all good. Our senior picture is below --yes even senior pictures were together and we walked down graduation together too, it was awesome.

After school we moved to Bend together for about a year or so and then we broke up and I moved back to Sutherlin with my family. Then in 1989 I joined the Air Force and left. Andy and I stayed in contact and after I was shipped to Alaska. (Mind you I only asked for Alaska because Andy wanted that. I hate the cold weather more than anything so that was definitely not my idea). 6 months after I arrived at Eielson AFB, AK we were married (September 15, 1990).

In August o 1991 I gave birth to our son Trae Matthew Hampson. Then July 1994 gave birth to son #2 Andrew Dakota Hampson or so we call "Coty". In July of 1996 we separated and soon there after were divorced.
For those 10 years of being with Andy I grew very close to his family. I have so many memories it's hard to pick any one of them in particular but I will try.

Larry: He was always extremely kind to me. He did (well they all did countless things for me) but Larry treated me like I could do no wrong. He ensured Andy did all the right things. He was Great!

Patty: She was like I am now, always making crafty things, did my hair and nails (she had her own shop) and always made me the most incredible home made gifts. Most of which I still have and will ALWAYS cherish. She made me not one but two quilts one I had to give to Andy in the divorce and it was like gnawing off my arm not taking it. Quilts are one of my most favorite things!!! She made gift bags for Christmas one year for when Trae was only a baby and I still have them. Of course each boy has their own baby blanket both of which I still cherish and have. Pictured below.

Becky: Now Becky she was younger than me (she still is actually) but the girl can flat out cook. It's her specialty. She makes the BEST bread I have ever had. I can almost still taste it. Mind you we're talking about a 6th grader and the bread would make your mouth water. I would do anything to have that bread right now. She is/was the sweetest girl you could ever want to meet.

In General this is a family that treated me like family from day one and took me right in. I wouldn't be who I am today without them. They are truly wonderful people!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I love that picture of you with the braces! You're so cute and look so happy :)

Trish said...

yeah really adorable. LOL