Sunday, May 17, 2009

Cricket or a Grasshopper

Last night Mr. Paul finally rented the movie "The case of Benjamin Button" he has been dying to see it since it came out on video last week. So after a long day of shopping we put the movie in. So let me set the stage. I am on one end of the couch, Coty is laying on the rest covered in a blanket. Logan is on the floor covered in a blanket sleeping and snoring very loud and Paul is on the blue over sized chair. In my opinion it started very slow and I was very tired. After only a few minutes I found myself listening to Mr. Paul snoring. Are you kidding me? I didn't even really care about this movie and now I am sitting on the couch and steady being kicked in the side by Coty.

I am steady waking Mr. Paul up and he is even more steady getting annoyed with me for doing it. I eventually gave up and just let him sleep. My newest problem is this movie ever going to end? It's after two in the morning and it just keeps going. Finally the movie ends and I get up to go to bed and I saw the funniest thing. I ran to get the camera and took the following pictures, is it a cricket or a grasshopper?

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Janna said...

Like Father like son? I seem to see a connection here with Logan not sleeping and/or sleeping everywhere but his bed!