Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And finally there were three.......

Christopher Logan Brechtel AKA Logan or as we like to call "boo" "boob (from iCarly --he really hates this one)""skeletor" "wind chime" was born December 17, 1999. He was as the other two were a beautiful child. One problem. The child NEVER slept. He was over two before he slept through the night. He simply didn't and still doesn't require more than 4 hours of sleep. That is not good for me at all. Logan is a complicated child. He looks exactly like me and exactly like Mr. Paul depending on who you are talking to. He is very skinny (i.e. the nicknames) and very tall. He is a happy child and very much a morning child. Well for that manner he is a morning, afternoon and night child. He wakes up good to go and until he passes out from exhaustion he is still roaring to go. When Logan was a baby and until Trae and Coty moved here he grew very attached to his older brothers. One summer when Logan was just over 1 after the boys went back to their dads and my mom left he would scream every night from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.. It was so weird. We couldn't figure it out. At 7:00 he would instantly stop. So off to the pediatrician we went and come to find out he asked me what Logan would normally be doing during that time frame. Well I pick him up and he plays with Trae and Coty and then at 7:00 he takes a bath. It never dawned on me before that Logan was crying because he was used to playing with his older brothers during that time and they were gone. We had to remove Logan from the familiar surroundings of our house during that time for a week and he stopped doing it, but the doctor said Logan is a creature of habit and he doesn't cope well with a change in his schedule.

So when Logan was about 3 years old he would do this thing called "Frozen". If you would say frozen he would freeze. He did it all the time he would yell frozen and he would stop in his tracks. Below is a picture of it. So cute! Then 2 years ago we started going to the Catholic Church and when the Priest raises but the body and blood of Christ Logan looks up at Mr. Paul and I and says "Look Father White is frozen". Okay not the time for something that funny. Only my child --and only Logan.

Logan loves to swim. I think he is part fish. He has zero fear of the water. Some say that is good but I say it can go either way. When he was littler we were at our friends pool. Logan, my friend Teri and I were all outside talking and we heard this splash. I ran towards the pool and Logan was laying in the pool upside down just laying there. Head under water and he wasn't splashing, kicking, nothing. He was just laying there. I swooped him up quickly but the scariest part of the entire thing was him not fighting the water he was laying on his stomach under the water and he was just laying there. Anyway the child is a fish out of water. He can swim all day everyday and the best part he will swim all day but when he gets out he falls right to sleep. Why is that good???? I already told you Logan doesn't sleep much (that's an understatement).

Logan has to copy his older brothers with everything as most kids do but it's so funny how he does it but will not admit it. He went to one of Trae's wrestling meets one time and guess what? He comes up to Mr. Paul and I and says I want to fight too. Great. Now I have a 8 year old, non sleeping, hyper kid that wants to fight. Of course our friend sitting with us says that he knows they have "fighting" for kids Logan's age. Great kill me know please.

So now we have signed him up and he is at his first wrestling match. Oh my goodness I want to wet my pants. Here is my little guy that isn't big as a minute and I just knew some buff kid was going to snap his femur. So I see this kid and I can tell this kid has been wrestling since he was actually in the womb oh and here's something new his dad is the frigging coach. Good grief. I promise no exaggeration. So of course who is my little wind chime fighting. Yep you got it the kid from every mother's worse nightmare, the born wrestler. The umpire says "fight" and I don't think 15 seconds went by and my poor Logan was pinned. The kid from hell stands and puts his arms up and Logan's looking around like "what the hell is going on????" He came running up to me, buried his head in my stomach and cried. He couldn't believe it. Needless to say he had 2 other match's that day and all day he kept saying, "Mom I don't have to wrestle that one boy do I?" The poor kid was traumatized. He won many match's and did well but it was a one time deal. Of course he is only 9 so you never know what will happen but I don't think I can go through that again.

So of course he loves baseball as do the others. He is a lefty too just like his brother and he is quick. In tee ball the first year it didn't matter where the coach told him to play. Where ever the ball went so did Logan. He could get it and get the out but the other kids really could just sit down because they weren't getting it unless Logan was throwing it to them. One time I sat him down and said Logan only get the ball if it's hit to you, the other kids want to play too. He said to me "Why they won't get it anyway!" Good Lord really? Whose kid is this?
So the next year he goes to one tee ball practice and he walks up to Mr. Paul towards the end and says " Tee ball sucks! I am not playing this game PERIOD!" Well okay than, that was that.
This picture was taken during a game after I told him not to move from his position. (I guess he told me). It looks like he is saying, "OK you don't want me to get it, fine I'll show you".

Well as I have said a million times before Logan doesn't sleep. When he does it's on the floor, on the couch or of course the best one is in my bed. Good Lord tell me again why I had 3???? Yep in my bed. Now this is a 9 year old that loves my bed. If you're a parent you've heard the words, "but mom your bed is the most comfortable bed in the house". No it's not, its not, no it's not. Why do kids think that? So in bed I have this 9 year old who is almost as tall as I am and his feet well they are the same size as mine. So guess what I get all night? You got it, I get kicked, hit, punched, slapped, and of course sometimes on the most special nights I wake up with his head on my stomach. Why can't he sleep in his own bed? That has only happened about as many times as we have had an eclipse. So what's the answer? Couch, floor, or my bed? Well as long as it's not my bed, honestly sleep on the roof if you want just stay out of my bed already.
What is the most consistent thing about Logan? Since he could walk he has wanted to be a cop. Well lets be clear not just any cop, he wants to be "SWAT". He knows every gadget, every single thing a cop wears, does, he loves them. We used to go to the mall when he was just able to walk and you literally had to tie a rope to him. God help you if he saw a cop. Here's the picture for you to visualize. Logan sees cop, you feel him go, you look, you panic, oh NO where is the cop. You had to get Logan before he reached the cop. Why you ask? Well because he would run up and grab the cop. Now this is a child who is barely off the floor what maybe 2 feet tall grabbing an armed cop without warning. I just knew he was going to get shot. This happened so many times I think the cops in our mall grew eyes on their legs and began to know him.

One time we were in line at Chick-fil-e and there were two cops in front of us in line. Logan was explaining to me each gadget, it's purpose and saying that this cop in particular had his night stick on the wrong side. Of course the cop turns to see who this is that thinks he knows everything and if you could have seen the shock when he turned and sees me and I point my finger down and he sees a 5 year old. Again I ask you, where did this kid come from???

Well all I can say is he is hyper, energetic, talkative and a non sleeper but he is also the sweetest, lovable and honest kid. I wonder how was I so blessed with 3 such wonderful kids. All so different but in some ways so not. Logan is undoubtedly a gift and I love him for being exactly him.


Janna said...

Yup Logan you are a very special kid. Love you!

Jaimey said...

Hopefully someday I will get to meet him before he grows up! :)